More third round results in !  Well done to Victory who took a win over Dorchester; Wey Valley who beat King George Field; Whiteknights who beat Oxford City & County; and Barking & District who beat Falcon.

Two more results with Herga taking a win over Bounds Green by a single shot – nail biting game!  The other result was Worthing Pavilion beating Egerton Park by 41-33.

2018-2019 Draw Below

Good luck to all the teams and play well!

180828 – Leonard Denny Memorial Trophy Rules 2018-19

First Round by 31st December 2018 Second Round by 27th January 2019


Third Round by 22nd February 2019 Quarter Final by 22nd March 2019 Semi Final at Cambridge Park on Sunday 7th April 2019   Final at Cambridge Park on Sunday 7th April 2019
Huntingdon  Huntingdon Huntingdon
Bye Bye
Wellingborough Wellingborough      24 St Neots & District
St Neots & Districct St Neots & District  39
Herts  Herts                       32  Herga           43  Herga
Watford  Herga                      39
 Herga                w/o
Bye Century                      27 Bounds Green 42
Bye Bounds Green     48
Bounds Green
  Falcon Falcon                   50 Falcon           19 Barking & District
Bye Essex County      33
 Essex County
Bye Dartford Stone Lodge                    31 Barking & District      41
 Dartford Stone Lodge
 Bye Barking & District   36
Barking & District
  Ashford IBC (Kent) Ashford IBC        30 Royal Tunbridge Wells
Royal Tunbridge Wells Royal Tunbridge Wells                    43
Bye  Bye Cyphers
Cyphers Cyphers
  Wealden Wealden                    30  Egerton Park     33 Worthing Pavilion
Egerton Park Egerton Park             48
Falaise                32 Adur                           29 Worthing Pavilion        41
Adur                   35
Bye Worthing Pavilion     46
Worthing Pavilion
  Cambridge Park Cambridge Park  37 King George Field            14 Wey Valley
King George Field 42  King George Field 47
Donyngs                30
Wey Valley           37  Wey Valley Wey Valley  45
Hounslow            32
Egham                  42  



Camberley           22
Foxhill                 34 Oxford & City          39 Oxford & City Whiteknights
Oxford & City     41
West Berks         41  West Berks             28
Chawton Park    39
Loddon Vale Loddon Vale            27 Whiteknights
Five Rivers             31  Whiteknights          49
Whiteknights        44
  Victory                   39  Victory                  w/o Victory         49 Victory
Atherley                35
Moonfleet Moonfleet
Bye Dorchester                 42 Dorchester  26
Bye Dolphin                       25
First named team to be the challenger.  All games to be completed by the dates shown.          
Semi-finals and Final to be played at Cambridge Park on Sunday 7th  April 2019.  Winners of each tie        
to email the result to or text Dawn Slaughter on 077 66 77 1738        




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