Doreen Smith RIP

Doreen Smith (83), a long time member of Cambridge Park, and a lady not afraid of taking on lots of jobs around the club in her heyday (including being a Cambridge Park Board Member), has sadly passed away this week.

Doreen had been suffering from dementia for several years and had spent the last couple of years in a home when her partner Reg Paine, who died at the end of last year, could no longer care for her.  I gather from her brother Brian that the last few years had been extremely difficult for Doreen and that the end came as a release for her.

The funeral will be at Hanworth Crematorium on Tuesday 22nd March at 2.00 pm at Hanworth Crematorium.  Refreshments afterwards at Hounslow IBC.  Any donations should be to the Shooting Star Chase.  There is a donation button on their page or you can send them a cheque to Shooting Star Chase, Bridge House, Addlestone Road, Surrey, KT13 2UE.

Doreen’s daughter who was at her Mum’s bedside when she left this world commented “Poor Reg, he had less than 3 months’ peace before she joined him.”  Gentle humour can bring a smile to the face even in sad times.

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