National Team Competition Updates

With the slow start to the indoor season, it has been difficult to get teams out for the first few National competitions.  Everyone who played has played their best but we’ve come up against strong opposition and we need more practice!

Egham Mixed Trophy – Lost to Wey Valley

Denny Cup – Lost to  King George Field, although well done to Norman, Luigi, Terry & Dave S who won on their rink.

Yetton Trophy – had to withdraw due to lack of availability of players

Top Club – Trounced by Egham with about 7 international players in their team!

Coming up:

Friday 3rd May – Ladies in Mason Trophy v Wey Valley – 12.30 One Rink Home & One Away.

Saturday 4th May – Denny Plate v Hounslow – Two Rinks Home & Two Away at 10.00 am

Saturday 16th December – London Southern Counties Shield – v Wey Valley or Hounslow – Two Rinks Home and Two Away probably at 10.00 am

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