New Men’s Competitions!

We’ve put two single rinks in for the London & Southern Counties Men’s Challenge Competition.

Team A will be playing Hounslow at 6.30 pm at CP on 9th November.

Team B will be playing Herga away but they haven’t given us a date yet.

Then there’s the London & Southern Counties Shield which is a 4 rink competition – 2 home and 2 away.  The first round is on Saturday 12th November v Hounslow at 10.00 am.

There are sign up sheets for both Hounslow matches and I’ll put up the Herga one when we know the details.

Because of the Shield, we’ve moved the Men’s Captain v Ladies’ Captain’s match to Saturday 19th November at 2.00 pm and hopefully this will the last change on this match!  Sign up sheet on the noticeboard.


The Leonard Denny Memorial first round (which is 2 Men’s rinks) will need to be played by the end of November but I haven’t done the draw yet and still have to chase some entries.  That’ll be another to squeeze in!

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