Question: How Did you Get Into Playing Bowls?

I’m just curious to know how/why people started playing bowls.

My parents played and our tennis club played against the bowls club once a year for about 5 years.  I didn’t start playing until I returned my Dad’s second set of woods to Cambridge Park and realised this was a sport I could probably do now that my back and shoulder wouldn’t let me play hockey, squash and tennis again.  Four years on and I haven’t looked back.

Gone are the days when it was a game played by elderly gentlemen in flat caps.  Devon has a large schools programme for bowls with matches against other schools.  You’ll have probably noticed that there are several Devon players in the top rankings – as well as several Scottish ones – and they are not all of retirement age!

Do you have family/friends/neighbours who might be interested in “having a go”?

As players you will all know that it’s not just sending a bowl up to hit a small jack at the other end of the rink as there is considerably more skill than that required (although firing does sometimes get results!)  I think a lot of people don’t realise what fun it is – competitive, social and good for keeping the limbs moving whatever age you are.  The fresh air in the summer is always good, despite early season layering up against the chills.

We’re still mid-indoor season (although we can play indoors all year round) and the outdoor season will be fast approaching, so I’m keen to find out how we can attract more members to both sections?  We have fantastic facilities at the Club and it would be great to share these with others.

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