Saturday 10th November – Mixed Friendly v Chertsey

Well done to Stormin’ Norman along with Sheila M, John L & Joan O’N who had a cracking 14 shot win against his former outdoor club.  Peter T, wearing his Chertsey cap, put up a strong fight but the last few ends saw Norman romping into the lead.  He said that John & Sheila had played a brilliant game although neither he nor Joan had played rubbish but the other two were excellent.

Laurence’s team with Olive, Ranjani & Dawn only just missed out, with opposing skip Malcom R dead ending the 21st end and then when we were holding 3 (which would have given us top rink), Malcom played a shot which had the only rsult that would have helped and we went one down, although 13 shots ahead overall.

Both George & Ken’s rinks had wins of 5 shots each but it was the whole atmosphere that was good all afternoon and into the supper, kindly made by Kim assisted by Martin, Kerry & Sam.  Thanks to them and for Reg and Ann M stepping in behind the bar when Laurence and I were getting a bit frantic!  Also thanks to Audrey and Ann M who set up the tables for tea.  Good teamwork!

We’re looking forward to playing Chertsey outdoors in the summer. We know from Norman that they are a good outdoor club so we will have our work cut out.

Match v Chertsey:

John L, Joan O’N, Sheila M & skip Norman

Bernard C, Ann D, Alan W & skip George

Audrey, Ray V, Archie & skip Ken

Olive, Ranjani, Dawn & skip Laurence

Reserves:  Frances & Bob Donohue

Match Captain:  Laurence

Match Fee:  £9.50 including hot dinner

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