Saturday 11th November – Men’s v Ladies plus RNLI Stand – Home at 2.00 pm

Jill G will took about £200 for the RNLI, yesterday and wants to thank everyone for their do bring some extra pennies to support the cause.

It was a win for the Ladies – yippee!  The afternoon was played with great banter and competitive spirit with lots of winding the opposition up.  Poor Laurence was given a hard time by Norman and Terry!

Brian N, Roy E, Bernard & Laurence lost to Dawn, Ange, Susie & Joh(a)n(nna) G

Bob, Peter, Reg & Barry beat Amanda, Ann B, Ann W, Sheila M & Amanda by 2 shots ,although Amanda’s team won more ends!

John L, Ron B, Alan B & George lost to Evelyn, Frances, Stella & Audrey

Cliff, Jack, Terry & Norman beat Joan O’N, Ann D, Joan H & Wilma

Congratulations to Ange for her first match and joining the wrong Bias Club (twice) all on the same day!

Congratulations to Ange, Susie, Peter A and Ann W for their first competitive match for the club. We hope they continue to sign up for games.


Thanks to Jack who came at the last minute in the morning.  We hope Jean, Ron C and Archie feel more like their normal selves soon.

Lovely to see Ken and Cath at tea time.

Thanks to Kim, Sam & Ellie for the lovely Roast Pork dinner – very much appreciated; and to Ann M who served behind the bar and also helped wash up.


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