Saturday 17th December – Mixed Friendly by NWSBA

Very friendly match against NWSBA with their teams made up from Meadhurst, Bishop Duppas, West Surrey and

It was a clean sweep on three of the rinks but the Captain’s rink struggled against their Bishop Duppas opponents. Their skip said the team had one of those days where they could have beaten the top teams in the country.  Lovely when it happens for you!  Still it didn’t deter from the fun of the afternoon and Laurence had great pleasure in awarding six, yes SIX, “I’ve joined the wrong bias club” stickers to various CP and NWSBA members!

Thanks to Kim and Sam for the hot meal and to Ann and others helping behind the bar and to Gerry for the raffle.


Joan H, Bernard C, Terry & skip Gym

Bob, Frances, Laurence & skip Dave N

Rita W, Gerry, Colin & skip Dawn

Audrey, Joan O’N, Reg & skip Norman


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