Saturday 19th November – Men’s Captain v Ladies’ Captain Mixed Match – THANK YOU!

It was a really good afternoon and Laurence and I would like to thank everyone who chipped to help set up the tables, rinks, teas/coffees, serve up, wait on tables, wash up and clear up at the end.  It was a real team and club effort and added to the whole ambience and atmosphere of the afternoon. Well done to Jane as well who made a big difference in all the tasks she was doing from keeping the boiler/heating going, serving drinks, filling tea pots and washing up the half time tea things.  We owe her dogs a long walk.

On to the bowls and it was a fair and square win to the Men on all four rinks (I knew we should have tied their shoelaces together!) but credit to Nadine’s girls who got within 1 shot of Stormin’ Norman’s chaps but then they stepped up a gear.  Gym Brown was landed on Rink 2 and Sheila M’s team found that he added to the usual ‘curse’ for the girls but they did get eventually get off 0!  (In fact after about 6 ends, we ladies only had 1 point between us!) Jean’s team caught up with George’s guys for a short while before Brian hit-the-jack Noel got his eye in.  On the Captains’ rink,Corale played a blinder at No.3 only to have Men’s Captain Laurence taking her shots out.  He’s lovely to play with but hellish when on the opposition!  Bob D also had a great game at lead setting his team up from the start.

Thanks also to Ann Macey who made a sterling start to selling the Christmas Raffle Tickets.  Don’t forget to buy yours – two raffles – one general and one for Christmas Hampers (donated by Ann & Terry)

Men’s Teams:

Bob D, Luigi, Laurence & skip Ken W

Eric P, Jim B, Archie & skip George H

Bernard C, Reg, Alan W & skip Gym

Gerry, Terry, Dave S & skip Norman

Reserves:  Jim P, Rocket Ron, John L & Brian N

Captain … Laurence!

Ladies’ Teams:

Ann B, Olive, Corale & skip Dawn

Rita W, Chris C, Sheila C & skip Jean

Eileen Bl, Barbara, Joan O’N & skip Nadine

Frances D, Pat S, Ann D & skip Sheila M

Reserve:  Ms Invisible

Captain …. Dawn

We’re doing our own catering, so it would be great if one front end of each team could sort out teas/coffees at half time for their rink; and one back end from each team could help clear/wash up.  I’m planning on doing jacket potatoes, sausages and baked beans with fruit to follow.  This should enable us to keep the match fee down.  I’ll get some cheese for anyone who can’t eat sausages!

Has anyone got a slow cooker I could borrow?  I think I could heat the beans up in a couple of those whilst the match is on without burning them.  I’ve got one but possibly two but a third would be good.



PS  You may need to allow extra time for rugby traffic.

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