Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st August – R&B League Matches

It was a win, win for Cambridge Park at the weekend.

On Saturday we took on local rivals and friends, NPL, who unfortunately could only provide two rinks which meant they dropped a point immediately.  However good wins on both rinks –

Dave S, George H, Laurence & Skip Ken W and Dawn, Reg, Gym & skip Stormin’ Norman – secured Cambridge Park with a 4 point win.

On Sunday, we took on some other local rivals and friends from Hampton Bowls Club!   Quite a few spectators came out to watch and enjoy the sunshine.

Gym’s team of Bernard, Corale & Brian C got off to a less than perfect start and were 1-12 down before they got into gear.  The raced back up the board and scored a terrific 23-17.  1 point to CP.

On Stormin’ Norman’s rink of Dawn, Terry & Laurence, all was nip and tuck until a magical end produced a 7.  Despite Laurence’s bantering and telling Norman it was his first wood at the back that stopped us getting a hot shot, it was a very good shot and one that Laurence didn’t manage to play despite his skip’s request to do so!!  A creditable 29-17 win to Cambridge Park and one more point in the League (and the top rink award!).

Ken had the youth on his side with Dave S, Gerry and young Dan H.  They were leading, then lost it, ten leading again, then dropped back again and dropping a 4 on the 19th end made our lads very tense!  The final end had the spectators either chewing their nails or peering through their fingers as we were 2 down with just the skips to play.  Teh crowd moved to the edge of their seats, the leads, 2s and 3s held their breath and the Hampton skip’s wood held it’s line squeezing through a tiny gap to shot wood but knocking another of their woods out of the head.  Could Ken do it?  He’s very unflappable on the outside but was he as calm on the inside?  The wood made the full length jack with ease and he scored second shot, giving his rink a win of 18-17.  Wow!  It couldn’t have been much closer.  A total of 4 points for our teams.

Ashford, Isleworth and Cambridge Park were in the top three teams and the winner goes on to play a final against the winning side from the other league.  A late evening email confirmed that Ashford had gone down 1-3 to Isleworth so Dave S is now waiting confirmation that we are through to the final on 4th September at Mid Surrey.

Thanks to the tireless work of Brenda S making all our sandwiches for both days, together with Dave S’s back up when he wasn’t on the green.  Thanks also to Reg, Ann, Jane & Dawn for covering the bar between them.

Watch this space for news of the final!

PS  Did I mention that Stormin’ Norman was awarded a Wrong Bias Certificate for a shot in his semi-final drawn mixed pairs match on Friday?  Dave S also joined that elite club on Sunday along with two from Hampton.  Dave said his was in the trial ends so doesn’t count ….. doesn’t count quite as much as the others!

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