Saturday 21st May – Ladies Double Rink v West Ealing & Mixed v Mid Surrey

The ladies took on West Ealing in the Middlesex Double Rink competition.  Dawn, Joan, Nadine & skip Jean were at home whilst Margaret B, Corale, Cathy & skip Ann were away and what a good job the away team were on form.  They finished a healthy 10 shots ahead of West Ealing whilst our home team were 10 shots down.  This meant an extra end and this fell to the home team.  It wasn’t the greatest head we’d had as there was a lot of pressure on both teams.  We were holding two when one of our woods was knocked out.  Jean played a great first wood knocking Nadine’s a bit closer to the jack and opposition skip Renee Barber played up the forehand with her final wood, turning their wood over to nestle against Nadine’s.  It was close but after all four of us inspected it, we decided to go for the measure and leave Jean free from playing her last wood.  We took it by about 1 cm!  So it was good for CP, but I felt sorry for the team we’d played against at home as they’d played so well against us and it was shame that it was down to that last end.

In the afternoon, we played a mixed match v local rivals Mid Surrey whose green is adjacent to Kew Gardens.  The green was running slightly faster than CP and I’m sure that must have been the reason we went down on all three rinks!  Gerry kindly gave Dawn’s team the top rink pens for having the worst score.  You’re only remembered if you’re first or last, not in the middle!  We shall endeavour to get our revenge when Mid Surrey play at CP later in the season.

We wish both Stormin’ Norman and Jimmy P speedy recovery from their ailments which meant they had to pull out of the mixed match at short notice – not something either would do lightly.


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