Saturday 25th August – Mixed Friendly v The Royal Household

Although we don’t have the acres of land surrounding our bowls green as the Royal Household has, we do have a great green and everyone who played on Saturday had a good time.  Banter was in full swing across the green but I think George’s rink took first place for being the noisiest!  They were also, unfortunately, up against the RH’s top rink so they did come away with very elegant glasses which is a benefit of being last!

Our top rink was Brenda and Dave S with Brian N who had one of those days where he could have bowled blindfold through his legs backwards and still drawn to the jack! (He also played well in the Drawn Mixed Pairs Club Competition on Monday morning!)

Gerry was Captain of the Day and admitted running to Costco for the sandwiches rather than making them himself.   Dawn made some cakes and there was a very fine fruitcake made by Club Captain Norman which went down a treat.  Jane and Laurence manned the bar and nearly every CP member joined in to clear up and wash up.  A great team event!

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