Saturday 25th February – The Rival Match – Committee v Club

As we had hoped, there was a terrific atmosphere on Saturday afternoon as the two teams warmed up prior to the BIG match!  A pre-match night faller-at-the-wayside brought Brian N into the team then another mid morning faller-at-the-wayside had John Linnell securing a place in the team.

At tea time, the Club team were ahead (that wasn’t on the agenda when we set up the game!) but having given them the right tea, the Committee team managed to pull ahead on shots at the final countdown, although Terry insisted it was a draw at 2-2 rinks each.

Congratulations to Gym, Joan O’N, Bernard C & Audrey on a good top rink win on rink 2, no less and to Norman, George, Reg & Bob D for securing top rink for the Committee.

Great meal by Kim & Sam and it was good to see Brenda S joining us too.

An extra box of chocolates donated to the raffle by John L, was gratefully taken away by Ann D.  In turn, John won a raffle prize himself and will be tossing pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

Laurence and Terry made good speeches.  It really was a good occasion and a fixture we will repeat for next season.

The Committee XVI in Whites:

Ken N, Wilma, Laurence & skip Peter T

Dawn, Frances, Ray P & & skip Jean

Ann B, Sheila M, Dave S & skip Ken W

Bob D, Reg H, George & skip Norman

Reserves:  Peter B, Ranjani & Ray V

Captain:  Laurence

The Club XVI in Greys:

Eric P, Ann D, Graham D & skip Archie

Joan O’N, Bernard C, Audrey & skip Gym

Joan H, Brian N, Roy E & skip Dave N

John L, Kevin C,  Peter A & skip Kevin K

Reserves:   Captain Terry M cheering his teams on and winding the committee ones up from the sidelines!


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