Saturday 2nd April – Mixed v Teddington at 2.00 pm

As Richmond cancelled the match for Sunday 3rd April, this was the last formal mixed match of the season (apart from a last minute one v Surrey Under 25s at 10.00 am on 16th April!).


As this was the third time we’d played Teddington and several of their members play indoors at Cambridge Park, it was the fun afternoon that was anticipated with plenty of merry banter across the greens along with a couple of wrong bias bowls not played by either Laurence or Stormin’ Norman, but Roger and Maureen from Teddington!

Captain of the Day, Martin, had a runaway win on rink 3 – congratulations!  All his team were awarded with gold medals as well as the CP pen which they gave to their opponents. Laurence’s team also had a good win with Bob D having a brilliant day and overcoming all rink 2’s little foibles when others failed!

There was the most amazing game on Rink 4 with only one end out of hte 21 scoring more than 1 shot.  Opposing skip Dave B, had the game of his life and even when Norman’s team were holding more than 1, Dave pushed and nudged the CP woods off.  The final score on that rink was an incredible 12-11.  What a fitting end to the season!  Stormin’ Norman was also awarded a gold medal and wore it proudly, although he refused to undo his shirt to the waist to show it off in true 70s’ style!


Jane manned the bar all afternoon with the help of Kerry and Kerry & Ellie assisted Kim in the kitchen in providing us with an excellent hot meal to round off the day.  Gerry took charge of the raffle and Rink 2 seemed to do awfully well!  Thanks to all of them for their efforts to make the day go so smoothly.

Nadine, Brian N, Jean S & skip Stormin’ Norman

Sheila M, Bob D, Dawn & skip Laurence

Rita W, Gerry, Gorgeous George & skip Martin P

Joan H, Frances D, Reg & skip Gym.


Reserves:  Kerry, Terry M & Dan W



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