Saturday 5th December v Chertsey

Another new fixture for this season brought about by Stormin’ Norman previously playing for Chertsey outdoors and enhanced by some of the Chertsey bowlers joining Cambridge Park indoors this season.  So, it was no surprise that there was a considerable amount of banter going on over the greens.  Yet again, the Captain’s rink was the most vocal but along with Eileen B, Kerry & Robin they did also win top rink but it was no walkover as Peter T and his team fought back magnificently!

Martin P’s team of Rita W, Joan O’N and Terry were lagging at tea time but having consumed tea and cake, they leapt ahead in the second half and even scored a HOT SHOT to boot! Yabbadabbadoo – in the words of Gym, who alas was unable to play today.  He was missed as was Stormin’ Norman but at least one will be back in action tomorrow.  Hooray!

Ken W, with Frances D, Gerry and Archie battled bravely but Chertsey were just too strong on the day.  Likewise Gorgeous George’s rink with Bernard, Laurence and Dawn started well but they obviously ate the wrong cake at tea time as it was Billy B’s Chertsey rink that overtook them and claimed a 4 point win.  Cath W had a great game and Billy was on song with his running woods *sob*.  The wrong bias award went to Billy’s No.3, Joan who was very keen not to repeat the first two performances which would have meant buying everyone a drink!

Kim with glamorous assistant Ellie did a great job making the Toad in the Hole for our dinner so thanks to them and everyone who helped behind the bar during the afternoon.

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