Saturday 5th November – Men’s Denny Plate v King George Field

Despite a valiant effort, the Men were runners up.  George H’s team drew at home and Gym’s only lost by 1 shot.  Dave A’s team dropped 6 and Laurence’s 3 (but subsequently had to give away 4 shots (25%) due to a no show.  King George Field has a green like glass so took a while to adjust.  Apparently Cambridge Park used to have such a speedy green but before we all started the sport.

Well done chaps,

Roy E, Luigi, Dave N & skip George

Alan W, Reg, Stormin’ Norman & skip Gym

Home Reserves:  Rocket Ron Robinson

Away teams:

David Swain, Ian D, Garry C & skip Dave A

Dave B, Brian N, Laurence & skip Peter T

Away Captain:  Laurence

Away Reserves:  Bob D, Roger B

King George Field:  Jubilee Way, Chessington, KT9 1TR – 020 8397 7025


Match Fee:  £6.00 a both venues – includes sandwiches after the game

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