Saturday 6th August – RBL v Ashford


Despite our best efforts in temperatures comparable to Rio, it ended in a clean sweep for Ashford.  Stormin’ Norman’s rink were doing very well until their opposition put the map right up and swung into the lead and stayed there.

Conversely on Gym’s rink, we put the mat up and clawed our way into the lead including a 7 shot win on one end.  All ok until 19th end and Ashford got their own back meaning we went into the 21st end at 23-23.  Alas, they just nicked it by 2 shots.

Ken’s rink had an uphill time against Rob Hackett’s team who were just too good on the day.

Wrong bias shot of the day went to Terry Macey!


Dave S, Reg, Gorgeous George & skip Ken W

Peter B, Roy E, Laurence & skip Stormin’ Norman

Dawn, Gerry, Terry & skip Gym

Reserve:  Brian N

Match Captain: Gerry

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