Saturday 6th February – Drawn Triples Competition

The first round matches were very tight with Peter T’s sneaking a win on the last end over Gym’s triple.  Jean S’ team nipped into the winning position v Ken W’s team whilst Laurence sailed ahead to start with but only won 16-14 after 2 hours, with Dawn’s team only winning 3 of the 14 ends but 14 shots for 3 ends was nothing to be ashamed of!

The semi saw fresh off the blocks Stormin’ Norman’s team take on Laurence’s triple.  Having expended all their energy in the first match, Laurence’s team went down and out by a fair margin.  Ann D played like a woman possessed!  Jean’s team also flagged after the four hours and Peter’s triple are now heading for a showdown v Stormin’ Norman’s triple on finals weekend.

I’m pleased to report there were no wrong biases!

2.00 pm  Team 3 v Team 4; Team 5 v Team 1; Team 6 v Team 7.  Team 2 has a bye

4.00 pm  Winner of 3 v 4 plays Winner of 5 v 1;  Winner of 6 v 7 plays 2.

Final on Finals Weekend in April.

Team 1:  Jean S, Dave P, Eric P

Team 2: Stormin’ Norman, Archie & Ann D

Team 3: Gym, Reg & Brenda D

Team 4: Peter T, Joan O’N & Dan

Team 5: Ken W, AN Other & Di

Team 6: Laurence, Bernard & John L

Team 7: Dawn, Dick S & Ken N


Tea, coffee and cake will be available but if you’d like anything else, please bring it with you!

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