Saturday/Sunday 7/8th January – Markers’ Course

It was a terrific course for all those attended.  Vic, Ron & Ian were so  informative and by putting us in teams and making the learning into a quiz, it was good fun as well.  Congratulations to Amanda & Barry, M, Susie and Aileen from Osterley BC who had top score on the first day!

On Sunday we spent 4-5 hours on the green on our knees trying out all sorts of measuring from normal measures, calipers, twin-pointy thing (what is it called?) ditch marking,  long measures for minimum length jacks (23m) and woods (14m), chalking, wedging and  positioning on the green as a marker as well as the 50 things to check before a match, which is why markers should arrive about 30 mins early for one match and allow an hour for 4-6 rink competitions .

Did you know you can get 40 wedges out of a box of 10 5* erasers? Ask course members for details!


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