Sunday 13th March v Bishop Duppas at 2.00 pm

A great afternoon when the club seemed warm, the sun was shining outside and Bishop Duppas were thinking of the new outdoor season when most of their members would be back into full swing!

It was a good match with Dave A’s team racing away against Bob D’s rink.  To be fair Bob usually plays lead or No.2, so it was a big ask for him to skip against the Club Captain.  Needless to say Dave A, Jim Blyth, Terry & Ken won the top rink prize and duly gave the pens away to their opposition, so Bob sort of won!

There was a bit of rivalry for second rink but Laurence’s lot pipped the Jean’s all-girl rink by 1 shot.  Meanwhile on rink 2, Stormin’ Norman and ex member Steve Gibson had a very tight nip-and-tuck game all the way through.  It looked like Gibbo was going to take it with a few ends to go but SN held it all together with Rita, Gerry & Archie and they snuck into the lead.


It was a good afternoon, lots of decent bowls, light-hearted banter and a hot Roast Beef dinner provided by Martin slipping into his previous career work, ably assisted by Kerry.  Thanks to both of them and for Jane W manning the bar then along with Ann M helping Martin & Kerry with the washing up.
We’re looking forward to playing Bishop Duppas outdoors sometime in May for the first time in 2016.

CP Teams:

Ken N, Jim Bl, Terry & skip Dave A

Rita W, Gerry, Archie D & skip Stormin’ Norman

Eileen Bl, Brenda D, Dave N & skip Laurence

and the super girls rink … Ann D, Joan H, Dawn & Jean

Club members filling out the BD teams are Eileen Ball, Gorgeous George, Jim Parker, Alan W & Olive – many thanks to them for volunteering.

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