Sunday 15th May – Mixed v Brentham


It was an odd start, as Brentham hadn’t asked for the earlier start or to wear greys, so the carrier pigeon was obviously switched between the two match secretaries!  Anyway, we started around the normal time of 2.30 pm with CP in greys and Brentham in whites.

As we anticipated, it was a good game with Middlesex Johns’ Squad members Ann H and Dot skipping against each other with Ann and her team taking a win.  Ken’s team ran away at the start of the match and Brentham put up a good fight to claw their way back to within 5 shots by the end of the match.  (It was the short jacks that through us!)  On the other rink, Gorgeous George was finding the green tricky but it made for a very tight match with George’s team nipping it on the final end.

Brenda & Dave S were back in the kitchen and provided us with tea and biscuits after the match.  Thank you.



Corale, Gym & skip Ann H

Rocket, Brian & skip George H

Dawn, Laurence & skip Ken W

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