Sunday 17th January – Mixed Match v Teddington BC

32 chilly bowlers and a spectator braced the nip in the air from the car park to the clubhouse for a game of high standard bowls and even higher standard of banter, bearing in mind nearly all the Teddington bowlers also bowl at Cambridge Park!

A last minute call up to Jim Parker put him in a difficult position playing for Cambridge Park against his outdoor club.  No chance of match fixing or throwing the game as he played well for us and contributed to the four rink win overall.   Laurence’s team of Frances D, Terry M and Dawn started off on an unfortunate note when our nearest wood was a mere 8″ from the jack but we ended up 4 down to Dave Baker’s team.  How did that happen?!

Kerry’s rink were a surprising 3-18 down on rink 4 until the magic tea break set in and they won 25-21.  Fantastic comeback.  There were no heads down and Kerry did not have to repeat her Saturday display of lying on the green to measure two really close woods with the calipers.  Shaky hands, not our Kerry!

It was Dave Nottage’s team with Jim P, Eileen & Jim B that had a runaway match taking top rink.  Good that these top rinks are spread about a bit.  It just goes to show that’s “it’s all on the day”.

Whilst Eileen B was sending up woods on rink 1 under Dave Baker’s supervision, John B was trying his best to finish that circus jigsaw which we’ve had going for over a month.  It’s a real pig with the colours everywhere being so similar.  How many tigers are there ?  There seem to be hundreds of orange/black stripey pieces, none of which go together!  Good try John.  We know what you’ll be getting next Christmas!

Thanks to Jane for doing the bar all day, and for Kim slaving over a hot stove to produce a very welcome roast dinner.  Thanks also to all those who set up the tables and assisted with the washing and clearing up, a thankless task for which we all thank you.


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