Sunday 18th March – Mixed Friendly v BT

Well done for everyone getting there for the match including BT’s Captain Paul C, who came all the way from the snowy Isle of Wight.

It started off well but then the BT chaps worked out the green and they moved ahead quite early on.  Norman and his team had the opposition worried up until tea time; Archie and team were ahead nearly all the way until the 17th end;  Jean and team struggled all afternoon against a very strong and determined BT team.  George’s crew (Sarah H, Ranjani & Dawn) were neck and neck all the way through the match and just managed to creep ahead to win 20-18 and get the top rink.  That’s twice for George in one weekend – he had good support both days.  After all it’s a team game!

Sarah had a special mention from Paul C for her standard of play giving her opposite Lead a run for his money.

Thanks to Kim, Sam & Ellie for the lovely meal and to Ray P and those who helped behind the bar, including the Desborough Steward playing for BT who managed to change the lager barrel for us.  He made it look so simple!

We look forward to getting a shot difference of under 30 next season!

We missed Laurence, the Men’s Captain, away playing golf in sunnier and warmer Spain than Twickenham!


We missed Bob and Frances all weekend and wish Bob well for this week’s medical test.  We’re right behind you with all the support you need.

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