Sunday 19th February – Mixed Friendly v Teddington

What a fun afternoon!  Plenty of bowls, banter and the odd conversation re football!

Cambridge Park got into their stride early on and held almost double the amount of shots as Teddington at tea time.  Suddenly we were only 5 points in the lead, when fortunately the effects of the tea and scones wore off and we entered more convincingly into the lead once more.  At 19 ends, it was neck and neck for top rink between Laurence, George & Gym’s teams, then Laurence’s team dropped a 5 (I’m still in sackcloth and ashes over it) thanks to a couple of terrific woods by skip and Teddington Captain Ted Mitchell – and George was 2 shots clear of Gym.  At the final hurdle both George and Gym were equal on shot difference but Gym’s team had a larger total, so it was the pens for them – despite being on Rink 2!  Well done to Rita W on her play and good luck with the cataract op this week.  We’ll be thinking of you.

Also hope Ann & Archie are feeling better this week.

Thanks to Kim & Sam for the roast Beef which was much enjoyed by all and to Gerry for overseeing the raffle.


Ken N, Dave Ait’son, Dawn & skip Laurence

Audrey, Frances, Ray P & Skip George

Rita W, Gerry, Sheila M & skip Gym

Bob D, Wilma, Corale & skip Dave N


Captain:  Laurence

Whites.  Match fee £9.50

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