Sunday 19th March – Mixed Friendly v B. Telecom

As per the previous weekend, it was a bit of a reverse from Saturday’s game when we all went down apart from Gym B’s team who drew with their opponents skipped by former CP Indoor Captain Dave A.

Laurence’s lot were giving it a really good shot against Paul C, the BT captain and it was only in the last couple of ends that they went down but only by 4 shots.  George’s band of merry men again struggled against their opponents skipped by another familiar face – Peter Picknell.  Dawn’s Damsels were well and truly put in their place by a strong team who played a lot better than we did on the afternoon. It was still a good match and we all tried hard.  Being bottom does have it’s advantages though as Joan H, Ranjani, Frances and I all have a very nice luminous BT pen.

Thanks to Martin, Ellie, Sam & Kerry for the Cornish Pasty supper and to those who helped behind the bar.


Bob D, Ray V, Evelyn & skip Laurence

Rita W, Gerry, Sheila M & skip George H

Audrey, Cliff, Corale & skip Gym

Joan H, Ranjani, France & skip Dawn


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