Sunday 20th March v British Telecom

Martin was captain of the day as Dave A was looking after Julia, who had returned home after a successful op on Friday.  We wish her well and as speedy a recovery as she needs.


We thought it would be a tough match against BT before it started and we were right!  Although we were up on one rink at tea break, we obvioulsy fuelled the opposition with the jack-homing cake and they beat us fairly and squarely on all four rinks!

Dawn’s newly formed rink with Eileen & Jim Bl and Bob D had the top rink of the losers and Martin presented them with club pens and a bag of chocolate mini eggs, which were duly handed over to our opponents.

Gym continued his run from Saturday and with Rita, Gerry & Frances and managed to secure the bottom slot.  Martin presented them all with a loo roll each.  Frances tried to hand her award over to her opponent but he politely refused!  Coming bottom is almost as cool as coming top as at least you’re recognised!  Gym did very well on booby prizes over the whole weekend, so he’s not complaining on that front, just disappointed at his own performance.  As we all know, “it’s all on the day” and he will come back bouncing up to his normal standard this week.

Thanks to Kim who made a magnificent Toad in the Hole accompanied by mashed potatoes, peas and cabbage followed by home made rice pudding and a whole variety of desserts and cheeses.  She is doing us proud!  Thanks also to Martin, Kerry & Dawn behind the bar before, during and after playing and for all those helping in other behind-the-scenes work during the afternoon.



Ellie P, Jim P, Kerry & skip Martin P

Joan H, Ann D, Ron B & skip Archie D

Rita W, Jim Bl, Gerry & skip Gym

Eileen Bl, James C, Terry & skip Dawn


Captain Martin P


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