Sunday 21st February – Mixed v Rosedale

Captain David A welcomed Rosedale to the Club and wished them afternoon of good bowls and good fun.  Both were accomplished!  There was plenty of banter across the green during the afternoon.

Ron Bavin who has been a roll up bowler for the last year played his debut match for Cambridge Park in David A’s team and played very well.  Welcome, Ron!  Meanwhile Gorgeous George was back on the green for the first time since his heart op over a month ago.  He played extremely well and we were very pleased to have him on our team!

There was a bit of mischief as Laurence switched the stickers of one of Stormin’ Norman’s woods at the tea break.  Eagle-eyed John L spotted it and warned SN who drew the mis-labelled wood to within 2″ of the jack.  Unfortunately SN forgot at the next end and a wrong bias was delivered – oops!  This actually made Jean S feel a lot better as she joined the Cambridge Park Wrong Bias Club along with Norman and Laurence, who must be top wrong-biaser of the season!  You may think how on earth can seasoned bowlers deliver a wrong bias but it can happen when you are advised to change your hand when you were envisaging playing a completely different shot.  Your brain adjusts to a different line but forgets to tell your hand!

Anyway, it didn’t do Norman any harm as he still ended up with top rink with John L, Brenda & Jimmy P – well done!  There did appear an almost imperceptible smug smile as SN had knocked Laurence’s team out of the top rink spot.  Poetic justice!

Kim, aided by Kerry & Ellie, provided an excellent buffet and a terrific selection of desserts.  Thanks to them and for Jane W working behind the bar.


Teams are as follows:

Jim Blyth; Ron Bavin, Gym & skip Dave A

John L, Brenda D, Jim P & skip Stormin’ Norman

Rita W, Eileen B, Gerry & skip Jean S

Joan H, George H (welcome back!), Dawn & skip Laurence

Match Fee:  £7.50 – Buffet Meal after match

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