Sunday 22nd July – Mixed v Mackie Bowls

The weekend ended with all six rinks in use again – shows how good the green really is to take that much play over three swelteringly hot days – when we hosted Mackie Bowls (from Brighton) for their annual away-day match.

It was a win for Cambridge Park across the rinks with some sneaking up on their opponents like tortoises crossing the winning line.  There’s nothing wrong with a slow start as long as you don’t leave it too late to catch up!

Some of the non-playing supporters took themselves off down the river – a good place to be in those temperatures while the others enjoyed a cool drink and watching others exert themselves!  It was a lovely afternoon with friendly banter up and down the rinks and only the odd grump – put it down to the heat!

Norman was allowed out of the kitchen and I’m not sure how Kim, Martin,  Kerry, Ellie  and Sam managed to produce dinner for 70 in there without wearing swimming costumes!  Thank you to them and to Dawn, Laurence and Ann behind the bar.

Our next 6-rinker is Thursday 2nd August when the Friends of English Bowling come for a long-planned match.  We’re looking forward to taking them on, although they are a formidable side!

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