Sunday 26th February – Mixed Friendly v Surrey Under 25s

It was nearly 1-1 in rinks for the Double Rinks’ practice games as Peter’s team, having been way down in the first half, had crept back to 12-13 going into the final end.  The U25 lead tried the trick of putting the mat right up, sending the jack to the T and then tried to ditch the jack and follow it in which, of course, would mean they would have won regardless how well our team had bowled that end.  As it happens, he wellied the bowl up the rink and dead-ended it, so it had to be replayed.  It didn’t work a second time either but then they played out the end under “normal” conditions!  The skip played a really good two woods and our lads went down by 4.

On the other rink, we were holding them quite well but managed to drop two 7-shot ends.  I’m not sure how that happened!  If they’d scored their normal 1 or 2 shots that end, we’d have been much closer although still wouldn’t have won!  They’re a good team and we hope the extra practice has helped for when they play Devon on 12th March at Dolphin IBC in the County Semi-Finals.

Thanks to Kim for the very welcome breakfast bacon rolls!


Laurence, Dave B, Gym & skip Peter T

David S, Dawn, George & skip Dave A

Audrey, Ray V, Ranjani & skip Corale

Captain:  Laurence.  Match Fee £3.50

Hot bacon and sausage rolls and tea/coffee will be available before the match for roughly £2.00 each.  No food after the match but the bar will be open.

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