Sunday 27th January – Mixed Friendly v Chertsey

It was a great match against Chertsey although there did seem to be an audible appearance of the Worzels mid afternoon!

Well done to Norman’s top rink team with Audrey, Ange & Terry.  Peter T had a great game and so did Joan O’N who guested for his team and Jean and her band of merry men were happy to cling on to a one shot win!

Archie and co managed an honourable draw and Ken’s team started off like a train but the Chertsey boys decided they liked rink 4 and managed to pull away after tea.

Leo J from Chertsey joined the CP Wrong Bias Club and Bernard re-joined it with a all time record of 3 in one match.  If only he hadn’t removed his stickers when playing for the opposition!

Thanks to Kim and crew for the meal and to Norman and Joe for the after-meal speeches and banter.

We are hoping to play two fixtures against Chertsey next season.


Laurence, Sheila M, Dawn & skip Jean

Audrey, Ange, Terry & skip Norman

Joan H, Ann D, George H & skip Ken

Sarah, Frances, Bob & skip Archie

Match Captain: Norman

Match fee – £9.50 inc Pork Steaks.  Whites with club/white shirts

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