Sunday 28th February – Men v Ladies Triples


With the strength of the men’s teams that were out, it was not surprising that we girls were struggling to keep up all afternoon.  Tying the old shoe laces together didn’t seem to work nor did we manage to weigh the chaps down with cakes at half time so we’ll have to think of something else the next time we take them on!

With one of the men not putting the date in his diary (doh!), Brenda D stepped down and Ann B & Sheila C took on Ken N & Dave N.  They certainly had the closest match of the day with scores being even all the way until about the 14th end when suddenly Ken & Dave raced away.  Well done to Sheila on the last end with a running wood decreasing the 4 the men were holding down to 2.  Great shot!

With partners facing each other on opposing teams on the other rinks, it added a bit of spice to the competitiveness.  Joan O’N’s team were definitely flagging at the half way stage but  pulled their socks up in the last few ends to hit double figures, although not enough to trouble Gym’s guys.

Laurence’s lads of Gorgeous George and Peter B came off the rink grinning ear-to-ear.  George had a brilliant game (drat, drat, drat) and Laurence wasn’t exactly off form.  Pauline B had a good game for us as did Joan, who was awarded the sole winner of a Wrong Bias Club Certificate for the afternoon.  Could I just blow my own trumpet as my last wood saved 6 shots on the final end.  It doesn’t happen often!  It did take us off the bottom spot though, so no booby prize!

Martin’s Merry Men – Jimmy P & Bernard – showed no mercy on Kerry’s girls nor poor Ellie who suffered a blow from the jack when it ricocheted off another wood and caught her on the shin.  Martin & Kerry put their first aid and parental skills into action and she was duly rested and iced up.  Brenda D gallantly stepped into Ellie’s shoes for the final few ends.

Kim was her usual creative self in the kitchen – thank you for the lovely meal and thanks to Jane W and the others who helped behind the bar.

A list of prize winners will follow!



Jimmy P, Bernard & skip Martin

Gerry, Archie & skip Gym

Ken N, Dave N & skip Peter T

Peter B, Gorgeous George & skip Laurence


Ann D, Corale & skip Joan O’N

Rita W, Ellie & skip Kerry

Ann B, Brenda D & skip Sheila C

Pauline B, Joan H & skip Dawn

Wear Greys.

Kim is providing us with a hot meal afterwards.  Match fee £9.50


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