Sunday 4th December – Mixed Triples with a Twist


Great fun afternoon with everyone who was supposed to move moving in the right direction whether it be left or right!

Welcome to very very new bowler Rosevita and well done to Barbara offering assistance all afternoon.  There were distinct improvements by the end of the afternoon.  We all know how hard it is when you’ve never picked up a bowl before!

The leading skip and leading front end pair changed completely after the final six ends.  Well done to Terry M who ended up +10 pipping George H to the box of Orange & Lemon Slices and to Audrey & David Aitchison who won the front end pairs, successfully carrying on having parted with George after 12 ends.  (I wonder who their new skip for the final 6 ends was?  Nice to play a part in them winning!)

Well done to Laurence who masterminded the bar all afternoon, counted all the money carefully collected by Ron E and set out all the tables prior to the game.  Thanks to Ann who filled in various tasks and did a great job on selling Christmas raffle tickets.  There are lots of prizes so hurry and buy your tickets.  All proceeds going to the club – we definitely need a more reliable boiler for one thing!

Thanks to Gerry for offering to pop into Costco to pick up some loaf cakes.  Although it was very busy, he did manage to try enough samples for him not to have to cook any lunch when he got back and thanks to the lady with the laden trolley who let him in in front of her to pay.  Gerry also looked after the match raffle with his usual aplomb.

Thanks to everyone who piled into the kitchen afterwards and washed and dried up and put things away.  It was a great help.

Another very enjoyable afternoon all round.

A.  Audrey, David Aitchison & skip George H

B.  Rita W, Ray P & skip Sheila

C. Rosevita, Barbara & skip Dawn

D. Jeannett, Ranjani & skip Laurence

W. Wilma, Gerry & skip Gym

X. Ray V, Sheila & skip Ron B

Y. Rocket Ron, Corale & skip Terry

Z. Peter J, Roy E & skip Colin

3 lots of 6 ends and the winners of the 6th end will move.  The front end winners will move down the rinks e.g. 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and the skip will move up the rink 4 to 3, 3 to 2 etc. so each front end will play together and the skips will have new front end teams.  We shouldn’t get muddled!

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