Sunday 4th September – R&B League Finals at West Ealing BC

A great team effort this morning in the FInal of the R&B League v West Ealing but it was the silver medal for us.

Ken’s rink with Peter B, Dave S & Reg got off to a good start on a wet green (where was the grass?!) but former Indoor Captain Dave Ayton and his team warmed up and got the better of them in the end.

On Rink 1, Gym’s team of Brian C, Gerry and Dennis B were chasing Paul Cater’s rink all the way.  They managed to claw back within 10 shots having been a lot further down but it wasn’t enough.

Meanwhile on Rink 2, Laurence’s team of Bernard, Terry & Dawn got off to a poor start and at one stage were 3-16 down and feeling very red faced!  After a virtual cup of tea around the 11th end, the green had dried out and, although not easy, we managed to pull our way back going into the 21st end 23-23. Bernard drew a beautiful wood only to see it knocked away a few shots later and the head going to Julia’s pink wood for West Ealing.  Dawn snucked inside Julia’s wood for shot and Sue Butcher promptly knocked it out.  This left it down to both skips with them going to the mat West Ealing holding 3 shots.  Ken from West Ealing missed by a whisker and Laurence played the shot of the day, with added help from a West Ealing wood, which made the perfect shot lying an inch behind the jack.  Ken’s second wood just held out meaning Laurence didn’t have to play his final wood.  You wouldn’t have wanted to do a finger nail inspection on the Cambridge Park spectators – none left!!

Congratulations to West Ealing – you played better on the day.  Good luck to them in reaching the quarter finals of the Men’s Top Club.  They’ll be heading off to Leamington on 17th September and we wish them well.

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