Sunday 6th November – National Top Club v Sutton – Away

We made a good start with both Laurence and Dawn winning the two wood singles matches giving Cambridge Park a healthy lead on the score board.  George’s four got off to a storming start with 6 on the first end.  Unfortunately the shock this had on the Sutton four inspired them to up their game which they did extremely well!  Jean & Norman had a close game in the pairs but struggled a little bit with having a ditch side rink and an opposing skip whose running woods were rather effective!  They were neck and neck for most of the 18 ends but Sutton’s pair won out in the end.

Gym’s triples got off to a good start with Joan O’N carrying on her positive play from Saturday and Peter T and Gym backed up the game with Gym having to play more running woods in a match than he had in the whole of last season.  It was just a shame for his team that the opposing skip had the knack of knocking our woods off the jack.  Drat and double drat!  Gym only went down 11-15 so a pretty good result if you’re going to lose.

Overall the team only lost by 9 shots so a really creditable performance when you consider we lost 3-4 strong players at the end of last season.

Some of us stayed behind to purchase and enjoy the Carvery that the Sutton caterers cook every Sunday.

On the plus side, this means the Markers’ Course we have organised for Saturday/Sunday 8th/9th January can go ahead as we don’t have to play another Top Club match!

Men’s Singles:  Laurence

Ladies’ Singles:  Dawn

Mixed Pairs:  Norman & Jean

Mixed Triples:  Joan O’N, Peter T & skip Gym

Mixed Fours: Evelyn B, Sheila M, Ian D & skip George

Captain:  Laurence



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