The Fab Four Represent Middlesex in the Walker Cup! Updated 25th June

Congratulations to Nadine, Ann, Jean & Cathy who have been selected to represent Middlesex in the same team for the Walker Cup match v Sussex at Worthing Pavilion on 24th June.  Although all four have played regularly in the Walker Cup, they have never been selected as one complete rink.  They represent England the week before in the British Isles Championships in Belfast where they won their first match against Scotland but couldn’t quite topple Jersey in the semi-final.

The other Middlesex rink is Janine (West Ealing); Sue H (Bishop Duppas); Rose (Rosedale) and Kay S from Hurlingham Park.  Congratulations to them plus Jacquie E (NPL), Terri W (Broomfield) as travelling reserves and Wendy B (Ashford) and Marie C (NPL) as non-travelling reserves.

At the Walker Cup in Worthing on Sunday 24th June, the sun was blaring down on the rink and spectators spread themselves around in the shade and behind the green in the sun (see Monday’s pink skin – oops – must remember to top up suncream during the day!)

It was an eagerly awaited match but one which we knew was going to be tough.  The CP girls had a good start but dropped a 5 into the second half which left them playing catch up and trying to claw shots back.  Meanwhile on the other Middlesex rink, our team was struggling to pull it together and build the head to give Kay and Rose, a better shot selection.  They were well behind at half time but managed to get back to within 2 shots at the final end.  They didn’t quite get the measure for 2nd as that would have been wonderful!

The Sussex team played very well with their front end girls finding form for the last 6 or 7 ends.  When our CP girls went into the 21st end, they were 7 shots down overall.  As mentioned Kay’s rink managed to score one.

Ann had an impossible shot with a gap of about 2″ (OK I’m exaggerating but it could have been no more than 6″) in which to connect with the jack.  How she held her nerve, I do not know, but it was the perfect shot trailing the jack back.  6! And a measure for 7!  Again the tape didn’t quite go long enough so the match was tied.  Having accomplished all that, the girls then had to pull out all the stops for the extra end.  Cathy had one jack high, one behind.  Nadine went in for shot and Jean just had to play position shots as we were holding 2.  Ann’s first bowl rolled in for shot. 3!!  The Sussex skip was flapping about the shot and boy, oh boy, it was a huge shot for her final bowl and the fate of the two teams was hanging on her young shoulders.  You could have heard a pin drop as it sped up the green.  The line was looking good, the weight over the draw but, as luck would have it for her, she slipped a Sussex bowl just a few inches to the side of the jack.  This straightened her bowl up enough to carry the jack through to the back.  How it missed everything else defeats me and I was watching it closely!  So, it was a win for Sussex.

All the Middlesex girls put their heart and soul and effort into scoring as many shots as possible.  They were a credit to the team and despite putting on a brave face, were devastated to be so close to the win.  The closest for some years in that competition.

Well done all of you.  Well done especially to Ann H.  She is a great player indeed!

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