Updated League with 13.45 start

The overall League Organiser is David Hale 07828 184090.

Team Captains are responsible for organising their own teams and contacting the opposing captain (and notifying David Hale as a courtesy) if their team is unable to play

League Arrangements



  • The league will be hosted at Cambridge Park Bowls Club and will run from *th  May. We will normally play on a Monday, except the Bank Holiday weeks when it will play on Tuesdays. It will finish on *th September, assuming no matches were postponed. The format is triples


  • There will be prizes at the end of the competition, £120 for the winning team, £60 for the runners up. The ‘NPL’ cup will be awarded to the winners


  • Each round, the opening remarks and collection of fees will be done by one of the Cambridge Park skips. The charge for playing in the league will be £3 per person per match


  • Matches will start no later than 13.45, to help avoid later rush-hour traffic. There will be no breaks and we will normally play 18 ends (weather permitting), aiming to finish by 4pm


  • Drinks may be available from the bar (if open), and from the drinks machine. However, as we are affected by Covid regulations, please bring your own refreshments at least for the first few matches of the league. A toilet will be open. If you enter any part of the club indoors area, until covid regulations change please ensure that you wear a mask and, in the toilets, disinfect anything you touch


  • The Cambridge Park teams entered in the competition would be responsible for the setting up and putting away of the match equipment (although any help is always welcome!). All equipment must be disinfected before being put away (e.g. jacks and mats)


  • The League Organiser is David Hale, 07828 184090. Team Captains are responsible for organising their teams. A list of Captains contact details will be circulated separately


  • If a game cannot be played due to a team being short of players on the day, then the opponents will also be awarded 2 points and a shot difference of 8 shots. If the team has just one missing player, then the match can be played but with a penalty. The 2 players team will play with 4 bowls each. The skip on the 3 players team shall play with 2 bowls, the other two players with 3 bowls. The Pair will also lose 25% of their final score, rounded to the nearest point (halves are rounded up). E.g. if they score 22 points, they will lose 5½ shots which is rounded up to 6 shots making an adjusted total of 16 points. If they score 25 shots, they lose 6¼ shots which rounds to 6 shots, so their adjusted score is 19 shots. A game commencing with 2 players on any side may be joined by a third player up to and including the 4th end


  • If a team is short just because one member turns up late, but that member later turns up before the fifth end jack is cast, then the team plays to the above rules until their player arrives and then match continues normally. So, for example, if when their remaining player turns up their score is 6 then they will suffer a 1½ shot penalty which rounds to 2 shots and then the match continues as normal. So, at the end of the game they will have just have suffered a 2 shots penalty. Please note, if a player is running a little late and they ring to say, or it is known traffic is bad, then the start of a match can be delayed to wait for them. Skips will exercise their judgement to ensure fair play in the friendly spirit of the competition