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Well done to Steve, Norman & Kevin who won their delayed Middlesex Triples yesterday afternoon v Hampton.  The play date was last Friday and, if you can remember that far back, it was a completely wash out of a day!  They now play Laurie Gasgoine’s triple at Bishop Duppas on 5th July or earlier?

Talking of Bishop Duppas, the Over 60s Mixed Double Rink team – Ann H, Nadine, Jean, Dawn, Steve, Norman, Laurence and Gym played last night at BD.  After the fixed 15 end limit, Ann’s team came off 9-14.   At that juncture, Steve’s team on the 14th end were 6 up and holding 3. An interesting shot by Steve missed the mark by a matchstick width resulting in nudging the jack to BD.  Oh, drat.  Match all square at 23-23,  so it was all down to the final end.

Isabel’s first bowl drew shot, her second jack high and Norman’s two bowls were placed back and front of the jack, just a few inches from the holding shot.  Somehow, Dawn managed to draw shot with her first bowl then wimped on her second.  Jean came in with two good shots leaving the skips to either protect the shot or take it out.  No pressure on either of them!!  I’d like to say the crowd were on their feet and you could hear a pin drop as tension gripped the air, but they were all sitting enjoying their beers and just watching with interest!  Roger Owen pulled up short on his first bowl and Steve’s hung out but had enough oomph to push Jean’s bowl into a good collector position if the jack moved a foot.

Roger had played some brilliant draw shots throughout the game but the pressure was really on for his final bowl, which unfortunately for him, didn’t quite make the mark on this occasion.  To say Steve was relieved not to have to bowl his last bowl was somewhat a relief – for him and all of us!!

We now face Masonians away before 11th July.

Tonight, Friday, at 6.00 pm, Laurence, Gordon, Norman & Steve are back on the green v Hampton again – they’ll be sick to the sight of us soon – in the Men’s Senior Fours.  Good luck chaps.  For those wanting a beer whilst supporting the match, the bar will be open.  Another match of only 15 ends under the 2021 rules.  It’s really very short.  I hope Bowls England lengthen it to 18 ends next year if not the ‘normal’ 21 ends.

I’ve just heard that Brian C will be at tonight’s Friday roll up, so all good.

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 10.00 am, the Ladies play the Middlesex Double Rink v Rosedale with one team home and one away at 10.00 am.  The Club play Springfield in a friendly triples match in the afternoon at 2.30 pm.  Supporters and spectators welcome at either or both games.

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