Author: Dawn Slaughter

Day 9 – National Lockdown Countdown – Happy Birthday Brian Noel!

Was it only last year that Brian was enjoying a significant birthday as we headed off to Potters?  We hope you have a great day, although it will be somewhat different this year – as with about 90% of our members’ birthdays.  At least it looks as if your birthday month might well be able to finish with a round of golf!

Had a walk and chat with Gerry at lunchtime yesterday –  one of the Sweaters of yesteryear.  Now you’ll have to ask him what a Sweater was! 

Gerry worked on the tank transporters during the war and his de-mob was delayed by about 6 months as he took part in the Berlin Airlift, travelling in a Dakota to drop coal into Berlin.  Hands up all who knew that?!  It’s worth looking up on the internet if you’re not familiar with the airlift.

Gerry started indoor bowls at Egham around 1985 – he went there because Hounslow was full and had a waiting list.  His wife, Doreen, joined him a bit later and they both went to play outdoors at Staines as a lot of the Egham players were there and where he played his first match.   There was no looking back after that until, sadly, he decided it was time to retire from bowling this year.  He is still a social member and likes to keep up with all the news.

Kevin L (who has his Grandad’s car – the 1967 VW 1600L Variant) is a man of many talents.  If you need any furniture making or need shelves or cabinet and I can put you in touch.  He is our “Will” of The Repair Shop based at Cambridge Park!


Day 10 – National Lockdown Countdown – News from Members!


Lucy & Merve

Sarah and Lucy (and Merve) got out in the fresh air today and enjoyed the sunshine.  It was a glorious day – not too cold and no wind!




Meanwhile Kevin L is the very proud owner of ‘Bernard’, a 1967 VX 1600 Variant which he inherited from his grandfather in 2004, who looks in fine fettle in the November sunshine.  Kevin said he and his 3 brothers used to sit in the boot!  Ah, those were the days, no seatbelts either, I expect!


I’m sure Bernard has many tales to tell of the Liffen brothers and escapades with their grandparents.  Will he stay silent or reveal stories?!

Thanks also to Brenda D for her email.  She has been concentrating on the ATP Tennis from the O2 arena.  Tiems looked in firm control right up to the end of the second set, then Medvedev moved up a gear to win.  Spare a thought for Ron B, who has been unable to get back to the Isle of Wight due to medical appointments.  Like Brenda and a few others of you, he is looking forward to Ange;’s Beef Stifado this coming Sunday, with Rice Pudding & Cherry Compote for dessert.  We’re still taking orders.

Good to hear from all of you!

Virus cases down in Richmond and Hounslow this week.  So roll on 3rd December.   If they’re opening gyms again, then shouldn’t indoor bowls open too – we’ve got a lot more space to social distance and have a lot less puffing and panting going on!  Fingers crossed.

Day 11 – National Countdown Lockdown – People in Space

Some days I have the attention span of a flea, although the memory of an elephant for trivia (the sort of which never comes up in a pub quiz1)

Anyway, I  have recentlly started listening to podcasts.  Their length varies but you can stop and start and they’re a good option if an audible book is too long.  There are thousands out there covering innumerable subjects from breathing, sleeping, eating, health, vaccines, life experiences, football, rugby, cricket, and not forgetting Strictly and some on bowls!

BBC Sounds App* is brilliant.  You can listen to the radio live, play back or podcasts and I stumbled upon Joe Wickes (who turns out to be another one of Ange’s students!).  Jo Malone’s was really interesting but the one that has been so fascinating is No.12, when Joe chats to astronaut Tim Peake.

This link may work or try clicking play below.

Worth listening to whilst making your Christmas cake today or when out walking.

There are other places to find podcast apps not just the BBC.

Let us know any you have listened to.  If you’ve enjoyed it, no doubt someone else will too!

Day 12 – National Countdown Lockdown – Dried Fruit and Brandy Shopping?

It’s the weekend.  It should be Yippee, it’s the weekend! but for most, it’s just another day as they are all rolling into one.

Tomorrow is Stir Up Sunday, so today’s the day to check the store cupboards then go out to top up your dried fruit, flour, brandy etc to make your Christmas Cake.  List of ingredients for one of Mary Berry’s Christmas Cake recipes below so you can do a quick check.  Fits a 9″ round or 8″ square tin.  Of course there are many other recipes out there, so this is just a guide.

  • 75 g Candied peel, mixed
  • 425 g Currants
  • 300 g Glace cherries
  • 1 Lemon, zest of large
  • 1 Orange, zest of large
  • 150 g Ready-to-eat dried apricots
  • 250 g Sultanas and raisins
  • 5 Eggs
  • 1 tbsp Treacle, black
Baking & spices
  • 300 g Muscovado sugar, dark
  • 1/2 tsp Nutmeg
  • 300 g Plain flour
  • 1 tsp Spice, ground mixed
Nuts & seeds
  • 60 g Unblanched almonds, whole
  • 300 g Butter, unsalted
  • 4 tbsp Brandy

It’s a bit of a grey day so far, but not as cold as yesterday so good to get out for a short walk to the shops or not!

Day 13 – National Lockdown Countdown – Vaccines

There’s been a lot of good news about the vaccines arriving fairly quickly, some before Christmas and with our demographic age at the club, a lot should be near to the top of the queue.  Hooray!

However, there was an interesting discussion on the radio as to who should get the vaccines first, so here’s something to think about and discuss …

Key and NHS Workers – all venues

Care Workers and Care Homes


Out and About Providers – like the postmen, the delivery drivers, bus, train and taxi drivers

Supermarket staff

Those with reduced immunity

Over 80s

Over 70s


These are just some thoughts.  The out and about providers and the 20s-40s are in there as they are likely to have more contact with more people – spreaders.  Most of us visit a supermarket during the week, so we’re passing staff and other shoppers – another chance to be within a metre for less than a minute.

Personally, I would not like to be part of the team making the decision.  I just thought it was thought provoking and you may want to come up with some great ideas!


I hope you are staying safe and well, that you’re managing to get out for some fresh air each day and keeping in contact with at least one other person.  Oh, and  don’t forget to keep washing those hands!

Steak & Ale Pie plus trimmings and Baked Apples with Custard are on the menu for those on Sunday’s meal run.  Next Sunday will be Beef Stifado followed by Rice Pudding with Cherry Compote.  If any of you would like that, please let Ange or me know by Wednesday.



PS  Surprised there was no further mention of classic cars besides our web host’s ongoing renovation.  I thought some of you might have a secret passion!

Day 14 – National Lockdown Countdown – Best Friends

Margaret B kindly offered to lend me her book on The Poupart Family in the Borough of Twickenham 1874-1936 and a couple of other local history books to see if there was some useful information we could use for the Centenary.

I collected it yesterday outside the club while out on an early lunch walk while the girls were catching up with each other.

Margaret and Beryl met working in Boots in Whitton over 40 years ago and have stayed firm friends ever since.  They have a wonderful assortment of anecdotes from days of yore and it was such a tonic for those few minutes as they regaled some of the stories and we all had a good laugh in the sunshine.  Fresh air, sunshine, real people (one at a time!) and laughter – can’t beat it!




Beryl’s daughter emailed to say she and her Mum had been baking the previous weekend, producing an Apricot & Pecan Advent Wreath for Beryl’s other daughter.  Apparently, it’s not like a calendar and you can eat all of it as soon as you get it!  Well done, Beryl & Jayne.

I forgot to ask Margaret whether she had been jamming in her kitchen.  I wonder if she will now be doing that to Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s new album “Songs from the Kitchen Disco”?!

Day 15 – National Lockdown Countdown – Driving in the Future – Updated!

Hands up who has a petrol or diesel fuelled car?

Hands up if you’re saving for a ‘green’ car?

Hands up who will still be driving in 2030?

So many questions.  At least today’s news knocked Covid and Brexit off the top of the headlines!

I was thinking 2030, that’s years and years away.  It is but only 10.  I hope I will still be driving at 75, but who knows.  Despite all good intentions to reduce emissions, I doubt I will have gone ‘green’ by then.

Joe Biden is still driving the car his father gave him as a wedding present – a 1967 Red Chevrolet Stingray Corvette.  Isn’t that amazing.  That is a man who loves his car and obviously looks after it with a passion.  I hope he has a right hand man/woman who can look after it while he’s being President.

A boyfriend from the 1970s had an Austin 7 and collected me from a hockey match in it.  I’m not sure if there was a door.  I just remember climbing over to get into the passenger seat!  He was part of the 750 Motor Club and we went to Silverstone for their annual event and I ended up assisting on the grid.  When those motors come round the final bend of the trial lap and your toes are on the white line, you just hope they have good brakes!  The relationship didn’t last very long so it was the nearest I have ever been or sat in a classic car. There is a local dealer in classic cars in the area as they have put a display along the street during the Hampton Hill Christmas lighting-up night.

What about you?

Do you have a passion for old cars, your current car or are you hankering after something classic, something sporty or what?

Has anyone done the London to Brighton car rally?  I would love to do that.  It would normally be running around November, wouldn’t it?   Now seems like a good time to re-watch Genevieve!


Our website host, John Q, based up in the Highlands, not only is a top notch greenkeeper, designs and hosts websites, lives with his family and several donkeys, but also has another hobby …

He’s currently restoring this 1965 Volvo Amazon and hope to have it back on the road next summer!

Thanks for sending the photo in John.


Day 16 – National Lockdown Countdown – Beryl, oh Beryl!

Another day checked off the 28 day countdown.  It still looks a bit dodgy for after 2nd December but, anyway, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Beryl Bassham’s daughter emailed on her behalf yesterday …

Beryl started off her bowling career at Priory Park BC in Kew which, alas, closed after the summer of 2018.  She went on to join Cambridge Park 35 years ago.

“In those days, ladies were required to wear white hats and gloves as part of their match-day attire.  Beryl was walking from home to meet with Margaret Barnes enroute one match and impressed a passer-by who commented ‘You look so smart dear, which airline do you work for?’


Day 17 – National Lockdown Countdown

I knew there was a reason for today’s late posting ….

Ann & Terry weren’t feeding the ducks and geese at lunchtime, just enjoying their own flasks of coffee on St Margaret’s Terrace.  (Ann was in the car.)

I didn’t know it was called St Margaret’s Terrace until a photo came up on the St Margaret’s & East Twickenham Facebook page this morning!  Their (Manson?)  photo looked as if it was taken from Twickenham Bridge showing a long line of trees down to Richmond Lock Bridge … and no cars of course.  Black and white but no date on it.

Ange and Scott saw quite a few of you yesterday on the meal run.  It’s Steak & Ale Pie this week with Baked Apple to follow – depending on the Bramleys, so let us know if you would like to be included.  £2.50 approx cost.

Day 18 – National Lockdown Countdown – Marble Hill Park

Some really good news – both Laurence and George H are now home from their hospital stays and both on the mend.  Neither will be playing bowls all that soon but neither are we!  We wish them well as they recouperate.

The sun’s out now so a good time to get out in the fresh air.  It was rather wet this morning but following a very interesting email from Richard H, I decided to add Marble Hill Park to my usual loop.

Richard H was stopped by a lady from English Heritage near the club.  They are doing work at Marble Hill House and Park.

They are looking at an excavation of a bowls green there as Lady Henrietta who owned the House in 1724 is reported to have played bowls in Marble Hill Park!  In fact there is a lot of excavation work going on in the Park at the moment.  I’m not sure where the bowls green would have been – would it have been just one rink I wonder?  There didn’t seem anything flat enough for a full size green as we know it at the Club.

We will be in contact with the lady from English Heritage, but are any of you members?

Perhaps Margaret B could check out her local history book as see if anything is mentioned in there?

This was on a board near the house excavations ….