Author: Dawn Slaughter

Excellent Win for Ange & Jean in the Pairs

Alas, the curtains came down on our Top Club adventure when we lost to Gerrard’s Cross ladies who played better than us on the night.

Ange & Jean had a terrific win the Pairs.
Tina, Audrey, Nadine & Cathy only lost by 2 shots.
Sarah, Lucy & Tricia gave it all they got and even when they were holding 5, the Bowls England President (who was skipping against them) came in to take the shots away. They did pick up a 5 on the 16th end, but it was too late to get enough shots in to add to our overall score.
Dawn went down by 11 shots in the Singles. Her report stated “Could do better.”

Anyway, well done to tonight’s team and Ann supporting us from afar as she was unable to play in this match. Not every club can say they made it to the last 32 in the country, so we should be proud of our achievement.
Many thanks to Norman for marking the Singles and to Mike, Steve, Barry, Teresa, Corale, Jacquie, Marie, Janice from CP and Karen from West Ealing who came over to support and thanks to Ladygate for hosting the match. Much appreciated.

We wish Gerrards Cross every success in the last 16 v either Herts or Royston and hopefully through to the quarter finals and onwards at Leamington.

Good Luck to the Girls Tonight!

Tonight we head to Ladygate for the National Top Club last 32 v Gerrard’s Cross. A bit of juggling with the team as Ann is away but we’re still a strong side.

Singles: Dawn

Pairs: Ange & Jean

Triples: Sarah, Tricia & Lucy

Fours: Tina, Audrey, Nadine & Cathy

Wr’d love your support if you can get to Ladygate. 6.00 pm start. Ladygate Lane, Ruislip, HA4 7QX

Well Done Tina & Good Luck to You and Cathy Today!

Tina is a busy girl.  She had a great win in the final 32 of the National Senior Singles yesterday, then went down 19-21 in the last 16.  Mike reported it was a real nailbiter!  Tina said she just had to knock her opponents bowl off the jack on (what turned out to be) the final end to get the 2 shots to win.  She knocked it off but just not quite hard enough.  Tough but it must have been a really good game.

Tina is back in action this morning with Cathy in the MIddlesex Over 55 Pairs quarter final at Ladygate starting at 10:00 am.  Cathy is also making a second appearance in the Over 55 Singles quarter final.  Good luck to both of them.  Spectators welcome at Ladygate.

On Monday evening the CP girls are out in force in the last 16 of the National Top Club competition v Gerrards Cross, also at Ladygate, so at least Tina & Cathy will get an early feel for the green.


Alas, Dave Pitt didn’t win his National Senior Singles last 32 match, but his opponent did go on to win the next round, putting him into the quarter finals at Leamington.

Big Matches for Friday in Cambridgeshire!

Good luck to Tina Cooper and Dave Pitt as they enter into the Regional semi finals (the top 32 in the country) of their respective National Senior Singles representing Middlesex.

The neutral green is St Neots, so not exactly close for a band of supporters to go along unfortunately.

Tina plays at 10:00 against Cynthia Lee of Essex South and Dave plays at 12:30 against Jerry Rumball of Garston of Hertfordshire.  Wins will see them both through to the Regional Finals at 15:30 and the winners of those matches head off to Leamington for the National quarter finals at the end of the month.

There have been some terrific games at Leamington but even if some of the shots have been a little surprising, the tenacity of the teams, in particular the England Men’s Triples, just goes to show that you have to stay focussed and not let your head go down even when your opponents come right back at you.

Play well both of you.  We’ll be with you in spirit and urging you on virtually!


Closer to home, the Friday Night Leagues are coming to the last few weeks.  It’s great to see the green busy in the evening.  Play well and enjoy.

Unfortunately both matches this weekend have had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers.  Keep an eye out on the noticeboard and sign up for any matches you can.  They’re good fun and great for gaining experience.


PS  Who else saw Alex Marshall’s triple wick to split the two NZ bowls in the match this evening?  Although he was trying to split the bowls more directly, it was a very jammy shot that rewarded him with the result.  As George H would say “You have to be in the head ……”!!

Congratulations Dave Pitt!

Yesterday Dave became the 2022 Middlesex Singles Champion. Congratulations!

A report from Tony Waller when Dave was 16-8 up. “Pitt puts his first bowl one foot from the jack and follows up with his other three inside it”

Oh wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all do that?!

At CP, the Springfield match on Saturday was cancelled by our opposition. Awaiting a report from yesterday’s match v London Civil Service


Mixed Friendlies This Weekend

Good luck to everyone playing today v Springfield and tomorrow v London Civil Service.
Some of us are lucky enough to be in Leamington to watch the Commonwealth Games bowls today and cricket in Edgbaston tonight.
Looks like it will be another good sunny day for everyone playing and watching!

Come on Cambridge Park and England!

The Ladies Did It. They Won!

Well done to all the girls that played in the Top Club tonight v Grovelands.
A 3-1 win. Only Dawn failed to win and was outbowled. 9-21.
Fantastic win for the Fours 29-9; a tight game for the Triples 14-12; and a comfortable win for the Pairs 24-18.

Many thanks to Brentham for hosting us giving us not only the green but also a warm welcome very tea and biscuits on arrival and at the end of the match  which was very much appreciated

In the final 32 clubs, we play Gerrard’s Cross on a neutral green by 14th August. Watch this space!