Author: Dawn Slaughter

More Grit and Determination!

And that was shown by our opposition yesterday as Ladygate had to battle through the Brentford FC/Southampton FC traffic as well as the England/Scotland rugby traffic to get to Cambridge Park for our friendly match.
In the end it was a win on all four rinks for the club, with Gym, Roy, Bob & Jacqui taking the top rink prize.
There were no less than two new members to the Wrong Bias Club by Ladygate players on rink 1 and Shaf re-joined the club from rink 4.
A confession from Dave Pitt yesterday – he said he did a wrong bias in his triples match v Peter T, Peter J & Laurence. Special award to Dave when he returns from tour in Devon!

Well done to Brentford on their win. They looked to be playing well as a team but to be fair I only saw the highlights. Commiserations to England but well done to Scotland

This afternoon we welcome Teddington for three triples in the first of three ties between our clubs.  The fourth rink will be taken by Kevin K & Gym as they take on David Baxter & partner from Century in the Middlesex Pairs. Peter J & Dawn are going to try and wear David down as they play him and his mixed partner at Century this morning!


Club & County Indoor Competitions

Good to see the rinks filling up during non- league and roll up times with various club and county competitions!

Check out the round closing dates and book early to avoid that last minute rush!


The outside front door entry process is changing. Check out the details with Jane.
I believe we are getting fobs next week.

Grit and Determination Win the Day

Or rather, win the match.

Hotfoot from the Men’s O60’s Double Rink in Bromley, Hounslow pair Paul C & Colin H returned to take on Andy H & Will in the Middlesex Men’s Pairs at CP.  When most of us arrived for the Tuesday night leagues,  our chaps were 8-19 down.  They crept up to 13-19 with a handful of ends to go.  Some brilliant draws at the fonrt end, scuppered by Paul C as he came in with a selection of shots to change the head, then Andy drew in again and our boys were 2 shots behind with a couple of ends to go.  Will put in three beauties and all was looking well for CP, but Paul brilliantly killed the end. Another end passed and our boys were ahead.  Wow! Colin upped his game and the Hounslow Pair were holding match when Andy sneaked in with shot. ( What do you mean, were we concentrating on our league games?  No, we weren’t donig that 100%!)  The gap between the bowls to get Andy’s shot bowl out was just too narrow for Paul and Andy & Will took the game to a round of applause for all four players – but mainly our two!

It was a great comeback and was definitely worth not giving up when they were so far behind.  Well done!  Good luck in the next round.


On a completely un-related note, there are now spray chalks and measures in the shop to purchase if you need them.


Teams for This Weekend

Kevin and Mike have been busy!

Saturday 4th v Ladygate:

Shaf, Frances, Norman & Jean

Karen, Ron B, Dan & Dawn

Chris P, Malcolm, Sarah & Kevin K

Jacqui, Roy E, Bob D & Gym

Reserves:  George H  & Cliff.

Captain:  Kevin K

Match Fee £3.50.  Whites.


Sunday 5th v Teddington

Shaf, Brenda & George

Jacqui, Stella K & Steve P

Cliff, Audrey & Tony O’B.

Reserves:  Chris & Malcolm P

Match fee:  £3:50.  Whites.

National Triples – Two Wins for CP!

Very pleased to hear that Peter J, Norman & Steve G had an over 50’s Triples win V Dave P & Co from Hounslow last night. Steve ditching the jack quite near the end played a key part! Well done chaps!

This morning , Teresa, Tina & Tricia play Di, Ann H & Dawn so CP is guaranteed another Over 50’s National Triples win!


The Markers Awareness Course is well under way and the little grey cells are being put to test!

A Win for Cambridge Park

There was a lot of fun and banter across the green yesterday afternoon as our London Welsh visitors and CP enjoyed the first mixed friendly match of the year. The home team scored a good win overall.

Top rink (by one shot to Dave Pitt’s team) were Steve G, Tricia, Norman & Corale.

An excellent meal followed prepared and served by Karen and sous chefs Sarah & Julian. Thank you. Thanks also to Jane who was kept on the go behind the bar all afternoon and to Ann who put together a themed raffle.

it was Luigi’s last role as London Welsh President and he handed the chain of office over the new President, Carole Atkinson. The LW’s first lady to hold the position. Congratulations!

speeches were held and LW’s immediate Past President handed out a list of fines for not wearing a L W blazer, to wearing a French top underneath a LW one to wearing Bowls England shorts to his opposing team’s skip because he couldn’t think of anything to fine her for. It was hilarious and all the proceeds went to charity.
Yet again, Luigi completed the day’s events by giving us a song. (Unfortunately the video isn’t uploading but it’s on our FB page.)

“Bowls is a Drawing Game”

Well that was proved yesterday when both Jason Banks and Jamie Walker put on an amazing display of drawing bowls in the biggest singles match of 2023.

Bowl after bowl came to rest within inches of the jack. Absolutely wonderful.
Well done to Jamie and commiserations to Jason.
Should Jason have gone for another draw with his final bowl instead of the running shot? He only just missed with his second and third bowls. We shall never know the answer.
Now that the Championships are over, we can give our television and our eyes a bit of a rest and try to emanate those shots in our bowls games!

Big Matches Today!

First of all it’s a big match for us as we take on London Welsh this afternoon.  A hard working day for Karen & Sarah as they prepare and serve our post match meal.

Lastly, it’s the Open Singles Championship from Potters this afternoon.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be showing the Potters Champion of Champions match on FB or YouTube.  However BBC will have live coverage of the singles.  Both Jason B and Jamie W played really well yesterday and deserved to be in the Final.  You wouldn’t have put money on either of them a fortnight ago, so well done to both for beating the odds!