Author: Dawn Slaughter

Centenary Shirts Latest Order Has Arrived … read on

Good luck to those playing in the first South Middlesex League game v Staines this afternoon.  Play well but, more importantly, enjoy it!

Norman will be there from 2.00 – 4.00 ish with the latest order of Centenary Shirts which arrived last night (after our match – doh!)  We had a great of colour on the green with red and sapphire blue enhancing the white shirts.  These shirts can be worn for roll ups, down the pub, at the golf club etc.  They are very good quality, wash and dry well without losing colour or texture.  £25 each.

The Centenary pens also arrived after arriving home last night – another doh!

Re matches.  We have plenty of them and we would like as many members to enjoy the competitive bowls. Playing at other greens takes us out of our comfort zone but they are a great way of improving as you learn to ‘read the green’.  The team selectors have a difficult job but if people don’t sign up for games, they definitely won’t get picked.  If people only sign up for home matches, our opposition might decide to drop us from their fixture list.  Why should they travel to us, if we can’t make the effort to travel to them?  Come on, sign up for a few more games.  There are plenty to choose from!



It Was a Win All Round!

Well done to everyone who contributed to the Middlesex Bannerette from Terry & Ann, Ange & Scott, Norman, Gordon, Sarah, Audrey, Jane for their pre-match work to everyone who played and those brave spectators who stayed to the end, despite the drop in temperature to the samosa and pakora donation from Lynde House.  On top of that, it did not rain!  We arrived in sunshine but the cloud appeared by the time we got onto the green.

It was really good to be on the green with friends and fellow county players who we haven’t seen for over a year.  We all like competitive bowls!  Tricia, Gym & Dave who went into the final end 16-16.  Although I didn’t see it personally, I gather Dave’s final bowl was a triple wick giving Cambridge Park a win.  We’d like to think he played for that shot (he is certainly capable), but he gallantly admitted it was lucky!  They were up against strong opposition, so well done.  Top rink was Ann H, Kevin  & Audrey who not only won our ‘prizes’ but, as Middlesex didn’t have a winning rink, Brian Hearn (the Middlesex President) awarded our three the Middlesex top rink prizes.  As we won the match, we will be invited to the end of season dinner to receive a wooden shield marking the occasion.

Scott was busy clicking away so we should get some great photos in the next couple of days but Norman (in his Cambridge Park Centenary shirt) and Brian Hearn welcoming everyone to the match and a photo of our spectators going wild with the excitement of the game!  Joking apart, it was lovely to see Jean, Nadine, Margaret, Beryl, Jacquie, Marie, Corale, George, Lucy, Tina & Mike as well as Ann & Terry silently cheering us on.  Ann had a brilliant idea of getting fish and chips for those spectators who wanted and I’m sure that helped keeped them warm.  In between doing that, Ann also raised £20 for the club when she ran two of the football cards.

Norman & Brian, the MIddlesex President, Welcome the Teams to the Bannerette


A Happy Band of Spectators!



Updated – Bowls England Guidance from 17th May

Bowls England is delighted to publish our latest guidance for Return To Play, following today’s (Monday 10 May) confirmation from the Prime Minister regarding a further easing of restrictions from next week. From Monday 17 May, England will enter Step 3 of the Government’s roadmap, and this is now reflected in our latest guidance.

The main headlines are:

  • All restrictions on formats and numbers for organised activity under the jurisdiction of Bowls England will be removed.
  • Car sharing will be permitted.
  • Indoor hospitality can resume.
  • Spectators can return.

See the full 10 page guidance by clipping on the link in

It’s May, It’s May, The Lusty Month of May!

I’m not sure about the lusty bit nor do we live in Camelot, BUT it’s the first morning for over a month without an overnight frost!  So, get out in your gardens and put those seeds and seedlings in.

Monday Afternoon Leagues start today.  Good luck to everyone playing.

On Wednesday, if you have one, please wear your Centenary shirt and/or fleece.  Norman is expecting an order in shortly, so please contact him, if you haven’t ordered one already.

Norman and  his selection team have picked the teams for the next three matches and the sheets will be on the board this afternoon.  We’ll get them up on the website tomorrow, probably.

Windsor & Eton Match

Despite the torrential downpour yesterday morning, it was agreed the game would go ahead.  George thought it might help in slowing their green down a bit!  In fact the green looked lovely and the pace was perfect, although that doesn’t mean we all played perfect shots every time!

Audrey had a marathon and a half’s journey to get there with no underground and on rail replacement buses to Hounslow mainline before she could get on a train to Windsor & Eton Riverside.  Well done for  your 2.5 hour journey.  Fortunately for us, Steve K, who plays for us indoors, was W&E’s reserve and he played Audrey’s trial and first 2 ends on her behalf.  Thanks to Steve.

Top rink was Gordon, Ange & Dave and a very good win as did Steve, Tricia and Margaret – lots of banter on their green!   Kevin’s team with Ray V and Lucy managed to clinch a 2 shot victory whilst George, Audrey & Dawn were 6 up going into the last end; played their worst end in front of the wind burned crowd and dropped a 5!  Oops.

Excellent hospitality under these current Covid restrictions and Richard and his team members made us feel very welcome and everyone enjoyed two biscuits and a piece of cake each at half time and a hot drink!

Ange and I started the afternoon off with a picnic by the river (out of the wind), which made a nice change from grabbing lunch heading out of the front door!

Wednesday 12th May – Middlesex Bannerette Match – Home at 6.00 pm

Our first ‘Centenary’ game this  year when 6 men and 6 ladies from the County squads take on a team of 6 men and 6 ladies from the Club.  We are extremely fortunate to be able to play this game in May and thank Jacquie Elkin, Andy Docker, Liz Dutton and the county for their assistance in keeping the fixture.


Sarah, Ange & Norman

Tricia, Gym & Dave

Audrey, Kevin & Ann H

Gordon, Dawn & Steve G

Reserves:  George H (for the men) and Margaret B (for the ladies)

Match Captain:  Norman

Dress Code:  Possibly Centenary Shirts (all colours) and whites.  We will let the team know when we’ve made a decision on the shirts

Match Fee;   £3.50 which includes handmade savoury nibbles courtesy of Lynde House Care Home – many thanks to their chef-  and sandwiches from that “big box store company” just off the A316 at Sunbury!

Bar:  Jane

Damp Squid

I was hoping to report of a friendly match with a win for Cambridge Park this morning.  However, even though the fixture was confirmed by Sunbury, it did not make their fixture list.  Oh!  We’ve all made mistakes.

Still, it was a good job it was the fixture was scheduled for home as our team stayed to have a roll up, which is good practise for the season ahead.  It was also good for the voters to have something to watch whilst queueing.  We had a few interested during the evening who stopped to watch for longer after they’d voted.

Well done and thanks to Jane for opening up and closing up on what was a very long polling day.

It is very bright and sunny now, so a chance to nip down to the morning roll up and share a drink or two with fellow members at the end of the session.

I stand corrected on the wild garlic which isn’t actually wild garlic but a form of French bluebell.  Maybe the wild garlic comes later in the year?  It used to produce a really strong waft of garlic as one walked from the car park to the clubhouse.

Val F (of green fingers and honey fame) came up with a tree suggestion for Lynde House to plant – an Amelanchier ‘La Paloma’ which is a small tree with bronze spring foliage and white star shaped blossom.  In autumn, theleves turn orange/red.  She also suggested  that planting in the grass area just behind “Rita’s Garden” would be a good place as it could be seen from the clubhouse alll year round.

So Lynde House are going to look into that and acers to select something for us.  Thanks, Val.