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Exciting News for Sarah!

…… for Sarah and her team mates and her club mates too!

With a nudge from Ange this morning to check the Middlesex Handbook and following confirmation from Jacquie E; by reaching the Final of the MIddlesex Triples yesterday, Sarah has won her Middlesex Colts’ Badge!  At the end of the season, all those who have reached the finals of selected competitions or have accumulated enough points over the years, will be invited to play in a County Friendly next summer after which their badge will be awarded. (Ange achieved this in 2019 for her award in 2021 – thanks to Covid writing off 2020)

With any luck, with other competition wins, Sarah might be able to earn enough points for a Full County Badge by the end of the season.

Congratulations, Sarah.  Were really proud of you!

Audrey is also knocking on the Colts’ Badge door with her accumulated points, so we hope you will also have enough to get an invitation.

There will be a lot of ‘red coats’ at Cambridge Park but please make a note that we’re not “Hi-de-Hi-ing” nor providing the entertainment other than on the green this year or hereafter!


I Need a Man! Updated: I Need TWO Men!

Eight of the chaps are playing in the Double Rink v Ashford on Saturday morning (19th) at 10.00 am at Cambridge Park.

Although Gordon is up for a second game, the others can’t make it.  We are therefore two men short for the South Middlesex League on Saturday afternoon away at Bishop Duppas.  2.30 pm start.  We are restricted to one lady per triple, so we definitely need men!

Anyway, below was the position at 2.00 pm today.  If anyone has signed up between then and now, please let me know.





1. 1. Audrey Hay
2. Steve Pennington 2. Scott Cumine
Skip Dawn Slaughter Skip 


1. Bernard Chapman 1. Ray Verralls
2. Roy Ebinezar 2. Joan O’Neill
Skip. Lucy Horan Skip Gordon MacLeod


Match Captain: Dawn                  

More Wins and Commiserations

Congratulations to Corale & Tony Hartland for their +13 win in the club’s Carter Cup Competition.  They narrowly beat Bernard & Kevin L who had +12.  Thanks to Laurence for organising then re-organising into pairs after a couple of drop outs in the morning.  Thanks to Ann M for preparing a very welcome Ploughman’s meal and to Jane for running backwards and forwards to the bar, keeping everyone hydrated.

Another win yesterday morning.  This time it was for Jean & Norman in the Middlesex Mixed Pairs when they played their A game against Tina & Mike C. Who do you have next?

In the Middlesex Ladies Triples, Sarah, Ange & Dawn defeated Mandy, Ann & Alison from Ladygate 20-16 in the semi-final, then lost to Sue, Kaz & Janine from West Ealing in the final 16-19, both games going the full 18 ends.  Two good games in, as you all know, in searing heat!  Thanks to everyone who gave up their time to come to support us.  It really meant a lot to see and hear you!  Thanks also to Bishop Duppas for hosting.

Belated Birthday, Early Birthday, Congratulations and Commiserations!

So, apologies as I missed Scott’s birthday yesterday.  Hopeyou had a good day and your Mum didn’t burn the BBQ! (I know she won’t have!)

Early birthday greetings to Gerry for tomorrow, Sunday 13th.  We hope you have a lovely day and stay cool.

Gerry sitting on “Rita’s Bench” – June 2021

Commiserations to Norman & Steve who lost their Middlesex Pairs on the final end; also to Jean losing to Tina, but congratuations to Cathy who beat Dawn in the MIddlesex singles (21-19 It was close!).  As there were no county competitions last year, Cathy is still the reigning Middlesex Champion and is going for the double.  She will be playing TIna next Tuesday in the quarter-finals at Bishop Duppas.  It will be a battle as both girls are playing very well.

This afternoon (Saturday 12th), it’s the South Middlesex League v Sunbury.  2.30 pm at the club.  Jane will be very pleased to help you quench your thirst throughout the afternoon.

Tomorrow morning, Sarah, Ange & Dawn play Mandy Simpson and team from Ladygate in the semi-finals of the Middlesex Triples competition.  Play starts at 10.00 am at Bishop Duppas if anyone would like to come along and support us.

Tomorrow, the Carter Cup takes place.  We have 6 triples and each triple will play 6 ends against another triples.  The winners will be the ones with the best shot difference after 18 ends.  Ann Macey is producing a Ploughmans’ meal at the end for all the players.  You might need to get in quick if you’re coming along to watch and wanted the meal.  She may be able to add one or two more.  Again Jane will be on hand to keep your glasses charged with whatever you’d like to drink!

Well Done!

Both our Triples won yesterday v Staines.  Congratulations to them and also to Kevin L, who won his Middlesex Unbadged Singles match (he kept that one quiet!).  Next round for Kevin is next Thursday, time tbc.

Good luck to Jean v Tina, Cathy v Dawn in the Singles Championships and Norman & Steve G who are playing Rob Hackwell & Andy Bennett from Ashford in the MIddlesex Pairs.  (Not the senior pairs as I posted yesterday)

For any Friday night roll-uppers, the Middlesex games are being played on rinks 3, 4 & 5 at 6.00 pm if you could leave those free if you get there before us.  Thanks.

While we are all swamped with competitions, what are the rest of you doing?  Let us know if you’ve been out and about visiting various places or gardens that you think others would enjoy.  Anyone ventured as far as the seaside for a paddle yet?



Competition Updates

Well done to everyone who played today.

It was wins for Laurence & Kevin in the Whisky Pairs, Cathy in the Champion of Champions; and Sarah, Ange & Dawn in the Triples.

Jean plays Tina Cooper at Bishop Duppas at 2.00 pm on Friday.  Steve and Norman are back on the green at 4.00 pm with the Senior Men’s Pairs and at 6.00 pm, Cathy & Dawn will  be playing in the Middlesex Singles.  Supporters are always welcome at either venue.

Sarah, Ange & Dawn will be competing in the semi-final of the Ladies’ Triples at Bishop Duppas on Sunday at 10.00 am.  It would be nice to be playing in the final afterwards, but we’re just taking one game at a time.

On Saturday, it’s the Middlesex League v Sunbury at home at 2.30 pm

On Sunday morning at 10.30, Jean & Norman take on Ashley & Tina C in the National Mixed Pairs.  In the afternoon, it’s one of the few club competitions this season, the Carter Cup.  Just a reminder that Ploughman’s ‘Supper’ has been booked for all the players and Ann just needs to know if there are extras beside Ranjani.



Whisky Wednesday – Update

If I’ve got this right, Norman & Steve take on Laurence & Kevin in the Middlesex Whisky Pairs this afternoon at MIDDAY, not 2.00 pm. As this particular competition doesn’t result in a National, the format should be 21 ends and 4 bowls each.  This is luxury compared to the other pairs competitions which are 3 bowls each and 18 ends!  Mind you, it’s going to be a scorcher, so all four players plus any supporters and spectators need suncream and a hat and water!

Do the winners buy the whisky or do they make the losers drink whisky?  How did this competition come about?  Anyone know?

At 2.30 pm, Cathy plays Pauline Rush from Hampton in the Champion of Champions competition, marked by Jean.

Then at 6.00 pm, it’s the Middlesex Ladies Triples Quarter-Final between Cathy, Nadine & Ann v Sarah, Ange & Dawn.  We are all anticipating a good close match.

Another one to remember today is that the grass and weed pollen count is high, so take your antihistamines before you go out with your refillable bottle of water, your suncream, your  hat, your face covering and sanitiser!

Thank you to Gym who potted the second fuschia.  I see some other small bedding plants have appeared so thank you to him and/or anyone else who is helping the garden flourish.