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It’s Not Cricket .. or Is It?!

I recently saw a FB post from one of my brother’s prep school friends saying they were playing in a celebration game of Walking Cricket at Lords.

Walking Cricket?  Must be great for batsmen that can hit 4’s and 6’s and a nightmare for fielders, who presumably have to speed walk to field the ball.

Anyway, Walking Cricket came to the outskirts of Ripon yesterday and my brother and wife had a go.  They enjoyed it.  However, the tutor from Barnsley said they should be careful if they ever played against Wakefield.  “If you fall over in a game there, one of their players comes up to you and measures you.  He’s an undertaker!”

Have any of you tried Walking Cricket?  Is there anywhere around here that does it, not that any of us will have time once the outdoor season starts.

Great to see lots of names up for the Green Prep morning of Friday 26th April.  The more the merrier.

Saturday Afternoon Winners

Well done to Scott – our youngest member – who won the Men’s Challenge Cup this afternoon. It was Scott’s first singles competition win. Runner up was Jonathan H, well known at his outdoor club Teddington in the summer months.

Meanwhile on Rink 4 Dave P and Mike C in their second final of the day faced each other in the Mixed Pairs with their respective partners, Ange and Tina.
Dave & Ange came out as winners in a hard fought match.

Thanks to Kevin for the photos.

A big thanks to caterers Brian C and Jacqui L who made us lovely fresh sandwiches for lunch. They did such a good job that Brian had to hurry off to shop for more supplies for tomorrow’s lunches. Brian’s daughter also had to return to her home kitchen to bake more delicious muffins.

Not a Middlesex Mixed Fours Win.

Sadly, Peter T, Ian, Di & Dawn didn’t get a win last night in the Middlesex Mixed Fours.  We had a good first few ends and it was 5-5 after 5.  Not quite sure what happened after that but the Century home team showed how they knew the green and the back end played some good shots when we were holding.  Peter T saved us with some amazing draw shots but we weren’t quite good enough on the night.

Good luck to Kath, Sue, Jason & Dave B in the next round.

We Have a New Member!

Congratulations to Paul R who joined the C P Wrong Bias Club last night. He did it in great style by repeating it twice more. A total of three !

Paul joins an illustrious club of members and visitors who for some reason unbeknown send their bowl off on a beautiful line only to see it veer off in the wrong direction two-thirds of the way down the green!

Paul was awarded his certificate at the end of the league game.  I should also add that Paul played some lovely draw bowls contributing to his team’s score  Well done!

A little reminder for Paul and everyone else … the little dot goes on the inside!


World Book Day

OK, so I’m a day late but books are ok for any day of the week.
Anyone read any books that they can recommend to those that read these posts?

I’ve got Tim Spector’s Food for Life on the go as well as one of Richard Cole’s novels about putting a toilet in a church. Great fun read!

How does the Marlow Murder Club (now a series on tv) compare to the Thursday Murder Club?

Jay McGuinness, part of The Wanted/ex Strictly/actor has turned novelist as well and has just released a new fantasy Blood Flowers. Had anyone read that yet?

What about sports books? The Final Innings – cricket – seems to be nearby at home

There’s a good selection of paperbacks at 50p each in the ladies changing room if you fancy a browse in there – Thanks to Margaret B.

From the radio yesterday, I understand that a lot of children dressed up as Joe Wickes to go to school (some looking more like the 118 118 men!)and one school had all the children in pyjamas to encourage bedtime reading.
What about our your grandchildren ? Did they dress up?

Do Your Bowls Need a Trip to Pershore?

If your bowls need re-stamping, or you need deeper grips or re-aligning, then Steve B from Hounslow is going to Pershore Bowls Centre before the outdoor season.
£10.00 per set of 4 then:

Testing & Stamping.     £46:00

Adjusting & Stamping.  £68:00

Gripping.                         £55:00


Steve’s number. 01386 652411

Money and bowls will need to be delivered to Steve once a date has been fixed.

Admission of Bowls Crime

Norman kindly pointed out that neither Teresa nor Dawn’s wrong biases on Monday night had appeared on the blog. So I’m just putting that right!

The previous more common offenders of Norman,  Brian N and Laurence kept their games wrong-bias free last night. Hooray!

Anybody else like to hold their hand up and join the Wrong Bias Club?