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Admission of Bowls Crime

Norman kindly pointed out that neither Teresa nor Dawn’s wrong biases on Monday night had appeared on the blog. So I’m just putting that right!

The previous more common offenders of Norman,  Brian N and Laurence kept their games wrong-bias free last night. Hooray!

Anybody else like to hold their hand up and join the Wrong Bias Club?

Wet, Wet, Wet!

Unless it eases off by the time you leave your house, be prepared. It is very wet indeed and the gutter puddles are huge which makes pedestrians vulnerable for getting soaked as cars go past!

Still, if you’re waterproofed up, walking in the rain is very refreshing and energising so enjoy it if you can.
Some of you will enjoy the benefits as you head out to this morning’s roll up or this afternoon’s leagues

Play well!


Congratulations to Stewart Anderson!

Well done to Stewart Anderson who had a terrific fortnight in the World Indoor Bowls Championships. Consistently drawing bowls on both hands.
Alex Marshall had dropped out of the last 16 into 18th place which is why he wasn’t he wasn’t automatically in the draw , but only by grace of Potters giving him a wild card. He took that opportunity and made the most of it. Exquisite shots from draws to drives. It’ll be good to see him back in next year, but who gets knocked off the bottom??

What’s in store now? Well back to some sort of normality and not staying up until midnight watching bowls on catch up!

However if you missed any of the games, the last week’s ones should be available on iPlayer and the whole fortnight’s matches will be on YouTube when you want to dip in and get some inspiration.

World Bowls – Friday 12th January

It’s the chance of the Mixed Pairs to take centre stage today.


GB-WLSGB-SCTLauren Gowen & Paul Foster MBE vs Giulia Gallo & Mark Dawes


GB-WLSGB-SCTCeri Ann Glen & Stewart Anderson vs GB-ENGGB-SCTAnnalisa Dunham & David Gourlay MBE


GB-ENGNicole Rogers & Wayne Willgress vs GB-ENGKatherine Rednall & Les Gillett


GB-SCTGB-ENGJulie Forrest & Nick Brett vs GB-SCTGB-ENGAlisa Robertson & Robert Paxton

Boxing Day

I hope you had a good Christmas. For some of our members, it was the first Christmas without a family member or close friend.  I hope you still enjoyed the day and shared happy memories of Christmases past.

Boxing Day as a child was a mixture of Painting-by-Numbers, a jigsaw, thank you letters and cold turkey with Branson Pickle (there are other varieties) for supper. I guess we went out at some point. I don’t remember that.

As a teenager, our church had the Boxing Day tradition of going down to one of the parks in Ealing and played hockey. Not everyone knew the rules and the curate was lethal but it was enjoyed by all. Competitive? Of course!
As an adult, it was a trip down to Kent to see my brother and family with Turkey Curry, playing ring-on-a-string, Fruits (sometimes Stations) where everyone was  given the name of a fruit, and we sat round in a circle with one person sitting in a stool in the middle, blindfolded. That person called out two fruits and those people had to change places without being caught by the person in the middle. Also we had a go at completing my brother’s jigsaw.
As an older adult, it’s definitely a walk at some point, starting the new jigsaw and not eating Bubble & Squeak nor going to the sales!

Does your family having Boxing Day traditions?

Alas, playing bowls won’t be on today’s agenda but it can be tomorrow, Wednesday 27th,  when the Club opens again.  Grab a friend, book a rink and catch up on the festivities whilst getting your arm back in swing. (The bar won’t be open this week.)

Check out the noticeboard for those club competition deadlines, contact your opponent, fix a date  also check out the noticeboard near the bar as there are sign up sheets for London Welsh on 21st January and a newly added fixture away v Camberley on 29th January

Mike and Bob are standing down as organisers of the annual tour to Potters in November, so if anyone would be interested in taking it on, please let Mike know. Deposits for 2024 need to be collected by February so an organiser is needed quite quickly.

Enjoy your Boxing Day whatever you do