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Update on Competitions

It was a comfortable win for Sarah, Tricia, Ange & Dawn in the Middlesex Fours v Carole K and team from Bishop Duppas.  They now play Liz D and her Fordbridge girls on Wednesday 28th at 6.00 pm at Cambridge Park.

Today (Sunday), the Middlesex Ladies Two Wood Pairs competitions first rounds are at West Ealing for the Cambridge Park girls whilst at Ladygate, Dave P plays Dave Smith from Broomfield in the quarter finals of the Men’s Championship.

This afternoon the Club fields 4 x triples v Staines in the South MIddlesex League at Cambridge Park, staring at 2.30 pm.

Supporters and spectators welcome at all three venues!

Diary Starting Tuesday 20th July – Updated

Another scorcher ahead today and tomorrow, at least.  How are you fairing?  Anyone sleeping?  Running your pulse points under cold water (or rubbing with an ice cube) can help – wrists, ankles, neck, backs of knees.  Some are advocating a frozen ‘hot’ water bottle and even putting PJs into the freezer before putting them on.  (Doesn’t that make the sheets and mattress very wet?)

Any other tips which might help someone else?

Yesterday the Monday League was in full swing – well done to all those who played and thanks to Jane for keeping every watered/tea’d/beer’d

Dave P won his MIddlesex Singles v Rob H from Ashford at Masonians 21-11.  Next round on Friday but the draw hasn’t been updated yet so not sure who he’ll be playing.

Tuesday (today) at 10.30 am.  Jean & Nadine go off to Hayes Bowls Club (Central Avenue, UB3 2FB – through Leisure Centre car park) to play the semi-final of the Middlesex Ladies Pairs v Wendy Franklin & partner which had to be deferred from the other weekend.  Good luck!

Tuesday at 6.00 pm at Cambridge Park – National Mixed Fours as Gym, Sarah, Duncan & Dawn take on Rob H, Tina C, Anna M & Ashley T from Ashford.  Unfortunately Kevin is still not able to play, so thanks to Duncan for coming in at short notice.

Wednesday – Tony Allcock Over 60s Mixed Double Rink.  Away at Brentham at 6.00 pm  Supporters and spectators welcome

Thursday – Jane W’s Birthday!

Also, Middlesex League v Masonians at 6.00 pm.  This can be mixed and we need 9 more names.  Please let me know if you’re available

Friday – Ladies Fours postponed from tropical storm Monday.  Sarah, Tricia, Ange and Dawn head over to Bishop Duppas to play Carole K and team at 5.00 pm.  Again, supporters welcome.

Saturday – Ladies Top Club v Brentham but being played at home at 10.00 am.  50% of showers.  I’m not sure if we’ll be pleased about that or not!

Sunday- Middlesex Ladies Two Wood Pairs competition.  Marie, Sarah, Audrey and Cathy all have teams in so good luck to them.  10.00 am start at West Ealing.  Let’s go along and give them some support.

No club matches this weekend?  That seems odd.

Yes, It’s hot, hot, HOT!

Firstly, congratulations to Sarah & Lucy for reaching the finals of the Middlesex Ladies O55 Pairs yesterday playing 40 ends 4 shots each in that heat!  Wow.  Not many of us could have done that and still be standing.  They won by 2 shots in the semi-final but lost by 2 shots in the final against North London.  Lucy also injured her ankle in the final trial ends, so she deserves another medal for sheer gutsy determination to keep playing.

We’re very proud of you two and your achievements this season.

Secondly, Steve G stepped into Kevin L’s shoes early yesterday morning as Kevin was unwell and unable to play in the Home Counties match v Hampshire.  Middlesex lost by 18 shots overall.  Steve’s rink lost by just one shot.  Considering he’d never seen any of his team before, let alone played with them.  He did an excellent job.  We hope Kevin is feeling better today.

Yesterday afternoon we played Mid-Surrey in the Richmond & Barnes league, taking a win of 54-46 and 2-1 in rinks.  Top rink was Stella K, Corale, Steve P & Dawn.

Today’s South MIddlesex match v Teddington has been cancelled.  To be realistic about this, today will be hotter than yesterday, so it’s probably not a bad thing.

So on to the weather.  Get your windows open and the curtains drawn during the day, opening them in early evening.  Stay cool and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

More restrictions are due to be lifted tomorrow.  It would appear to be very debatable as to whether it’s a good idea or not.

Some of us will continue to wear face coverings in the shops and on transport.  You must do what you feel is right for you.

Since the start of the summer term, children and teachers were taking Lateral Flow Tests at home every 3 days.  Many businesses request their staff to do tests so that any positive results mean not travelling to work, booking a PCR test and staying at home for 10 days to avoid spreading the new variant(s).

You can order a pack of 7 Lateral Flow Tests for free via this link  I also picked up a pack at a local pharmacy, so that would be a good place to ask if they have one, especially if you know the pharmacist.

With the number of cases going up daily and, if the Health Minister is now isolating after testing positive, it would definitely be worth getting some test packs and doing your test at home.  These are used only if you don’t  have symptoms and involves you swabbing your nose and throat,  dipping the swab in the solution given in a vial and putting drops on a testing strip.  Once you’ve done one, it’s not an onerous or difficult task and you can log your results online showing a negative (hopefully) result.   It’s definitely something to do at home as the swab can make you gag or sneeze – very undignified!  You get the results almost instantly but within 30 minutes for sure.  If you have limited access to the internet or a smartphone, you can ring the results in.  All details and instructions are included with each pack.  If you do a test every 3 days, the pack will last for 3 weeks and it’s free thanks to the NHS.

It’s something every person can do to help stop the spread.  No one wants to be stuck indoors for 10 days but it’s preferable to passing the virus on to anyone else and risk putting them into hospital.  Some venues are looking for evidence of (a) vaccination status and (b) negative LFT results.  Both of these are visible if you have a smart phone and /or email.  If you have neither, you can ring the NHS number to get a vaccination certificate posted out.  We had to show our vaccination status via the NHS app on our phones last Sunday when we entered Hampton Court Flower Show.  This is the standard NHS app, not the pinging covid one!!

We needed to take one of the cats to the vet on Friday.  The practice we  used was closed as all the vets had been ‘pinged’, then we tried the vets at Pets at Home and they were shut for the same reason!  Fortunately the 24 hour Medivet was open and Tiger is now on antibiotics for an ear infection.  Thanks to those at the club on Friday suggesting various vets who might be open!  What a nightmare for our usual vets’ practice though.

Anyway, on a more uplifting note, enjoy your Sunday.  Ice cream anyone?!

Bye, Bye Dave Wilson – Good Luck in Your New Home!

After months of delays, Dave Wilson has finally made his move down to Dorset.  We are sorry to see him go.  He has been a real character at the club, nearly always with a mug of tea in hand (is this synonymous with the name Dave?) when not on the green.  Hehas been a real good egg in stepping in at the last minute to play in matches.

We shall miss you but hope you continue to wear your CP Centenary shirt with pride.  Get settled in your new home with your daughter’s family, then find your bowls club and, who knows, we may even get a match against you!

Good luck to Laurence and Sarah & Lucy in your comps tonight.  Don’t forget the suncream!

Suncream, Sunhats and Sunglasses to the Fore!

Here we go.  Two weeks of really sunny, hot weather.  Summer has arrived and no doubt by the weekend we’ll be saying “It’s too hot!”

It’s a bit of a change from Monday’s tropical deluge.

Congratulations to Sarh & Lucy who won their Over 55 Pairs last night.  They play at Ashford v Marion B on Friday in the quarter-final.

Also playing on Friday is Kevin L having won his first round of the Middlesex Championships.  I’m not sure how Laurence and Dave P got on as the draw hasn’t been updated on the MCBA website yet.

Good luck to all our girls playing the MIddlesex County Special Match at Fordbridge Park today.

Remember to take plenty of water with you when  you go out today.  It’s a habit worth getting into as well as keeping your face covering handy!

Early Tuesday Post or Posting Early for Tuesday or Early Post for Tuesday

It’s one of those three subjects as it’s Monday evening and not Tuesday morning!

Alas, Jean and her team couldn’t find it at Fordbridge Park this afternoon going down to Liz Dutton’s Four..

I’m not sure if they were lucky or not as, when we arrived at Bishop Duppas, it had just started raining.   By the 5.00 pm start time, it looked like this and then got worse!

We had to paddle in 3-4″ of water to get into the clubhouse for a very welcome cup of tea and piece of cake and to find a new date.  Fortunately, we were given to permission to play up to the next round date so Friday 23rd was selected at Bishop Duppas.

No news from Jacquie or Ann H’s teams yet.

The Ladies’ Triples match v Bishop Duppas on Tuesday has been cancelled.  We could get 2 triples out then a third triple with men, but BD wanted to keep it as ladies only.

Sarah & Lucy take to the green at 6.00 pm – Good luck!

On Thursday, Laurence plays Phil Sutcliffe from Brentham at CP at 6.00 pm in the National Senior Singles – Middlesex Area Semi-final.  Good luck to Laurence too!

Is It Coming Home?

The hype today will definitely be focussed on tonight’s Euros Final rather than the Wimbledon Men’s Final, I’m sure.

Let’s hope the boys win!  Anyone placing bets on the score?

If you didn’t watch yesterday’s Ladies Final, it would be worth watching on catch up.  There were some incredible rallies with both girls covering all parts of the court.  Croatia celebrated the Men’s Pairs Championship.  That was another cracking match.

I hope the Men’s Final isn’t a damp squid after all that!  We have 3 of the four finalists in the Mixed Pairs Final this afternoon too.  A big day for England sport!

A very good win forCambridge Park in the South Middlesex League yesterday.  Well done to Gordon and the team.

On the County front, the girls lost by 3 shots overall which is incredibly disappointing.  Ange, in her first Johns Trophy match was on the top rink with Dawn (Rosedale Park), Wanda (North London) and skip Rose (Rosedale Park).  Well done to them.  Mandy (Ladygate) and Ann H both skipped winning rinks, so well done to them.  None of the losing rinks lost by more than a couple of shots, so it really was a close game.

The Middlesex Middleton Cup team didn’t fare as well, going down by  20 points to Kent.  Well tried lads.

As the Hounslow Cons match has been cancelled, there is nothing officially laid on today, but the weather seems good, so go down and have a roll up!

I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show.

Enjoy your Sunday !

Friday 9th July – Happy Birthday Gym!

We hope you have a lovely rain-free day and a good roll up this morning – if you’re going!

Well done to Steve G & Norman who had a nail-biting 21-20 win in the Senior Pairs V Kevin K & Bill from Hampton, putting them into the Middlesex area Semi-Final.  They go on to play the winners of Laurence & Gordon v Paul Cater and partner at West Ealing at 10.30 am on Sunday.

Congratulations also to Nadine & Jean for their 15-11 win over Ange & Tina in the Ladies’ Senior Pairs.   That puts them into the Middlesex area final v ?  Possibly Sue Apperly from Bush Hill Park unless Elaine from Hurlingham Park can find a sub as she has broken her toe.

There’s a very nice apology on the website regarding Kevin L and the Unbadged Singles.  Worth a read!

Caught the highlights of the Ladies’ semi-finals last night from Wimbledon.  Good to see Barty through but not without a real battle from Kerber.  The other semi seemed to be between two extremely tall, powerful women with Pilskova taking a 2-1 win over Sabelenka.  Looking forward to today’s Men’s Semi-Finals.

No football but there is probably cricket and golf on somewhere.


Tennis or Football for You? or Bowls?

I am sure loads of you will be supporting England tonight.  Let’s hope they win.  Predictions on the radio this morning seem to think that there will be only one goal in it with England coming out on top!  What do you think?

However, there are some great tennis matches coming up at Wimbledon too.  Difficult decisions for some of us!

Update on bowls (because my memory failed me this morning!).  Sarah & Lucy play an Middlesex Over 55s match v Staines tonight at 6.00 pm at CP.  I don’t think the men have any matches – let me know.  With a dead pan expression, Dave P said Masonians had cancelled their match tonight but he couldn’t understand why!!!

Looking like a forensic scene from a Scandi murder episode with everyone in full white waterproofs to bat off the torrential rain, the National Mixed Fours match last night between Kevin, Gym, Sarah & Dawn v Dave P, Ann H, Ange & Ron E was soooo close.  After 2 ends, the score was 3-3.  At the completion of 14 ends, Kevin’s lot were 12-10 up going into the final end.  When Kevin and Dave went down to play their bowls, Dave was 2 up.  So Dave needed another in and Kevin needed to take one of theirs out!  Dave’s first bowl landed in a good collection position a foot behind the jack to the left.   Kevin’s slightly overdrawn shot was slightly side.  No change.  Dave’s next bowl went up with no change, leaving Kevin to play a very high pressure shot to avoid an extra end.  The other 7 players held their breath as the bowl came up the green on a great line.  It nudged Dave’s 2nd bowl through and became an almost ‘tap and lay’ shot as Kevin’s bowl crept in just behind the shot wood.  12-11.  What a great game!  Ignoring the first two ends, there were only 17 scoring shots over 13 ends which just goes to show how close a match it was, which could have gone either way.

Kevin’s team now face Rob Hackwell’s four from Ashford, who had put out Steve G’s four in the previous round.  At least we’ll be at CP.  Trying to find a date when 8 people are free between now and 22nd July won’t be easy with all the other competitions working alongside.

Have a good day.  More brolly weather by the looks of it.