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We’d Like to Report a Win …

… but it was a win only for Gordon, Tricia and Steve P in the South Middlesex League match yesterday.  The rest of us went down and Hounslow Cons were worthy winners on the day.

On the plus side, the morning drizzle stopped just as we started play and although the sun didn’t quite break through the clouds, it wasn’t cold.

Gordon and I are nearly there for the team selection for Men v Ladies on Saturday.  It looks like it will be 4 rinks and 1 triple.  We will try and get the teams out later today.

Work on the bar refurbishment goes ahead and we still are hoping for it to be just about finished for the AGM on 30th September and Race Night on 1st October.

Talking of the AGM, there are still committee and Board places in need of nominations.  Please have a think at whether you or someone you know well would like to be part of the team taking the club forward indoors and outdoors.

Well, Wasn’t That a Special Occasion?!

The arrival of The Chelsea Pensioners was all that we expected.  What a wonderful, glorious spectacle!  Please click on the IMG links.


The Reception!

I’m afraid you’ll have to lie on your side to watch this second clip!  (I couldn’t find how to turn it around!)  Norman did a great job in whipping the crowd up into a frenzy!


I’m still waiting for an official match report but from a couple have sent messages saying it was a wonderful occasion and how much they all enjoyed the day.


It was good to see so many members and friends who came to share the experience.

More updates later!

Wednesday 15th September v Chelsea Pensioners – Home at 2.30 pm

Norman selected the team on Saturday and we had 5 reserves.  By the close of play last night, we were down to one reserve!



1. Tricia Green 1. Sarah Hall
2. Linda Major 2. Bernard Chapman
3. Corale Canard 3. Joan O’Neill
Skip Steve Gibson Skip Laurie Gasgoine


1. Roy Ebinezar 1. Audrey Hay
2. Tony O’Brien 2. Brian Curwood/Terry Macey
3. Margaret Barnes 3. Gordon MacLeod
Skip. George Hughes Skip Brian Noel


Reserves: Tina Cooper

Match Captain:  Ange Cumine                 

Match Fee:  £3.50 including sandwiches

Dress:  GREYS with Blue Centenary Shirts or Club Shirts

Coming Up – Updated

Today, Friday.

Morning roll up at 10.00 am

Evening roll up at 5.00 pm

5,00? – Stella S v Cathy T – Quarter final of Club Singles

Tomorrow, Saturday

10.00 am at West Ealing – Cathy plays Elaine from Hurlingham Park in the Middlesex Champion of Champions semi-final.  Final in the afternoon against either Hannah or N Klimentjeva (apologies, I’m not sure who she is and don’t have my book with me)  Good luck Cathy!

2.30 pm Roll up.  It may be another informal men v ladies, depending on numbers.  We’ll see.  This is probably the last weekend roll up outdoors this season.  We have matches on 18th & 19th and then the final REAL Men v Ladies on 25th September!


10.00 am Club Singles Semi-Finals

10.00 am  Lucy & Kevin play Ann Bell & Steve Skinner from Ladygate and Tina & Mike Cooper play Glen & Sue Adams in the quarter-finals of the Middlesex Mixed Pairs at Wealdstone.  Good luck to both ‘our’ pairs!

1.00 pm Club Singles Final

2.00 pm ish – Middlesex Mixed Pairs Semi-Finals  (Final on 25th September)


The bar at the Club is undergoing renovations.  It will be open at the normal times, but please excuse the inconvenience.

Water, Water Everywhere …..

Taking a day off from bowls!

There was a long article in the Saturday Times regarding the amount of water we use, leading to where we can reduce our water consumption in the homes on ourselves to become more eco and planet friendly.

My Granny used to bath once a week and she and my Mum were fond of ‘flannel’ washes at the sink.  I did not like those!  However, it is suggested we return to this as it only uses about 2 litres of water compared to 20+ litres using the shower – and don’t use the shower for more than 2 minutes!

Baths should be kept for special occasions (birthdays?!).  I’m sure the Body Shop, Lush etc etc will be really pleased about that suggestion.

After 6 weeks of not washing your hair, the natural oils will clean and condition it.  One of my colleagues who is an avid outdoor girl going rock climbing every weekend up in Scotland stopped washing her hair during lockdown.  The photos she shared after 6+ weeks show really glossy, curly locks.  Maybe lockdown was a very good time to start unwashing?  It’s not something I want to try though.

Only wash towels and sheets every fortnight or longer – turn bottom sheet over. Have an extra sheet between the duvet and your body, so you don’t need to wash the duvet cover so often.  I thought I was being slovenly washing bedding and towels every fortnight – polishing my halo a little bit now.

Wash no more than 20 items of clothing a month.  What?  The Eco expert obviously never plays any sport.  I would beg people to wash clothes they’ve sweated in after every use!  My halo is falling down now.  The suggestion is to sponge them down or air them.

Don’t rinse food off plates etc before putting in the dishwasher.  Hmm.  Who wants to scrape dirty scraps out of the filter?  Probably better to use the sink and forget the dishwasher altogether.  At least that gets round someone having to empty it!  (It’s one job I won’t miss when I leave my job at the end of the month!)

Wipe round pans you’ve used for boiling an egg or pasta.  It doesn’t need a full wash.

Use a mop and bucket to wash your floors, then recycle the water in the garden (not the bathtub!)

And, finally, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow.  If it’s brown, flush it down.”  Oh I remember my uncle, Elwyn Duncan, quoting that one.  Apparently we could be using up to 13 litres of drinkable water every time we flush the loo.  Dual flush loos use much less – around 4-6 litres.

The writer didn’t mention water butts.  That’s a good way of recycling rain water.

Looking through all of those suggestions, maybe our grandparents and parents were being really eco-friendly, but not realising it.  We all welcomed washing machines, power showers, hoovers, bath gels, cleaning wipes etc. – especially us girls, so we didn’t have to spend 60-70% of the week doing housework in some form or other.  The innovations also gave us more opportunities to go out and work and become more independent.

I have moved to using ‘bamboo’ cloths instead of cotton wool pads for removing make up at night.  The cloths still need to be washed thoroughly after use.  How does that balance between the plastic in cotton wool pads and the amount of water and soap to clean the cloth?

Have we gone too far now?  What do you remember from your youth regarding water and what are you doing now that helps save the planet?  Any suggestions are good.  You might be doing something that we haven’t thought of but could be really useful.


Sunday 5th September – Mixed Friendly Centenary v London Welsh – Home at 2.30 pm

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be a Ladies v Gents warm up with Sarah, Lucy & Tricia taking on Laurie, Gym & Kevin whilst Tina & Dawn played Mike C & Steve G.  With the green playing well and fast, the girls managed to get the edge on both rinks.  There was a lot of in-rink and across-rink banter and Lucy will be very happy to talk you through the afternoon’s success!    I just hope all we girls play as well on 25th!

This afternoon, we have our final friendly Centenary match of the outdoor season v London Welsh, who are bringing 5 rinks with them.  2.30 start

Margaret, Steve P, Lucy, Norman
Bernard, Joan, Teresa, Kevin
Sarah, Stella K, Laurie, Jean
Ray, Roy, George, Gym
Tricia, Corale, Dawn, Steve G
Captain:  Norman
Match Fee £3.50 including sandwiches
Whites with Centenary Shirts or Club ones if not.
Spectators welcome.
Sue & Hannah from Bush Hill Park reached the semi-finals of the National Senior Pairs yesterday before going out to Suffolk, who won the title.  It was a great effort and they should be very proud of their achievement for their club and county.  The Mixed Fours sadly didn’t make it through their first match.  Yesterday was the last day of the Championships in which Middlesex were participating.  We are looking stronger for next year and, hopefully, Cambridge Park will have some county competition winners who will go on to Leamington.  The Championships will start a bit later as Victoria Park is hosting the Commonwealth Games Bowls Competition.