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Best News of the Day …..

Kevin won his Middlesex Singles very comfortably, putting himself into the next round on Monday.  I’ve no idea who he will play as the link to the Middlesex website comps is broken.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Kevin is skipping a Home Counties rink v Hampshire.  He has 3 from North Greenwich (his old club) with him including youngster, Ollie Shearing.  Howie Shearing and Robbie Carter Jnr make up his rink.  Good luck to them and Middlesex as a team.

Dawn with Paul Cater came off second in the semi-final v Rob Hackwell & Anna Mays.  They played better than us today and deserved the win.

Sarah & Lucy are having an early night as they have an early start for their Pairs at Bush Hill Park in the morning.  Good luck to them.

The Club are playing MId Surrey in the Richmond & Barnes League starting at 3.00 pm at Cambridge Park.

Unfortunately the South Middlesex League match v Teddington on Sunday has had to be cancelled due to lack of players.

EIBA Updated Guidelines for Indoor Play from 19th July

For those of you playing indoors, here are the latest guidelines from the EIBA:


Road map out of COVID-19 Restrictions

With the Government announcing that Step 4 of their road map out of Covid-19 restrictions will commence on Monday 19th July 2021, we wish to advise Indoor Clubs of how this would affect them.

This notice is to aide preparations as the formal guidance issued by the Government, which the EIBA uses to shape its guidance has, at this time, not been updated to reflect the announcements earlier this week.

As soon as this guidance is available, we will be able to review and issue more detailed guidance, if appropriate.

From Monday 19th July: –

  • There are no restrictions on participant numbers indoors which means that all formats of the Indoor Bowls will be permitted.
  • Social Distancing measures will be removed.
  • There is no legal requirement to wear a face covering when entering and walking around the Club. However, the Government expects and recommends that people should continue to wear them in crowded and enclosed spaces.
  • There is no legal requirement to collect contact details. However, it is advised that an NHS QR code is continued to be displayed for participants who wish to check in via the app. If a QR code is displayed then a system for collecting (and securely storing) names and contact details for those who wish to check in but do not have access to a smartphone or prefer not to use the app.
  • Continue to keep in place hygiene measures to reduce the risk of transmission such as hand sanitisers around the club.
  • Maintain the existing cleaning regimes for areas which are touched often and equipment, such as the mats and jacks in between sessions.
  • The tradition of shaking hands pre and post match to be left to the individual participants at that time.
  • For the bar and restaurant areas there will be no restrictions on numbers allowed to sit or stand in the area and table service is not a requirement.
  • Remind members and visitors that if they are displaying COVID-19 symptoms (cough, temperature and loss of taste / smell) they should not enter the club.
  • Provide adequate ventilation by ensuring a flow of fresh air through natural and or mechanical sources.

However, with many Clubs already operating limited schedules and or have summer leagues operating under Step 3 restrictions the EIBA believe consideration for these to continue as is until the end of the summer arrangements would be prudent.

In advance of the more detailed guidance being published please contact me via email if you wished to discuss this matter further.


Yours sincerely

Peter Thompson,

Chief Executive

15th July 2021

More Wins!

Congratulations to Sarah & Lucy who have reached the semi-finals of the Middlesex Ladies Over 55’s Semi-finals (and hoepfully final) at Bush Hill Park on Saturday morning.  Opponents haven’t been named yet.

Many congratulations to Laurence who won the MIddlesex Area Semi Final of the National Singles last night v Phil Sutcliffe from Brentham.  Another win against an unknown opponent as yet, will take him to the Nationals in Leamington to represent Middlesex!

Well done to Norman for marking last night and again tonight when he’ll be out with chalk, wedges, measures, callipers etc. as he marks for Kevin L’s Middlesex Singles Championship match v Andy Bennett from Ashford at CP at 6.00 ish?  Kevin will confirm.

Friday roll up again tonight, if you fancy getting out with your bowls.

Dave P faces Luke Mann from Ashford in a singles comp for the second time this season.  He’s at Masonians this time and Teddington’s Jonathan Horner is away to K Spurrier (not sure of his name and club).  Good luck to all of those.  It’ll be considerably warmer and drier than your first round matches on Monday!

Bye, Bye Dave Wilson – Good Luck in Your New Home!

After months of delays, Dave Wilson has finally made his move down to Dorset.  We are sorry to see him go.  He has been a real character at the club, nearly always with a mug of tea in hand (is this synonymous with the name Dave?) when not on the green.  Hehas been a real good egg in stepping in at the last minute to play in matches.

We shall miss you but hope you continue to wear your CP Centenary shirt with pride.  Get settled in your new home with your daughter’s family, then find your bowls club and, who knows, we may even get a match against you!

Good luck to Laurence and Sarah & Lucy in your comps tonight.  Don’t forget the suncream!

Badges and Top Rinks

Well done to Tina C, Ange, Dot S & Mandy on winning top rink for the ‘Johns’ team today and to Ann F, Audrey, Phil & Rita/Jacquie for best rink for the ‘Middlesex’ girls.  After the game the MIddlesex Colts’ and Full County Badges were awarded.  These would have been presented in 2020 if you-know-what hadn’t come along!

Liz, Dee & Jacquie did a great job getting us all organised for on the green and Sally and the Fordbridge Park members looked after us really well after the game.  Thanks!

Suncream, Sunhats and Sunglasses to the Fore!

Here we go.  Two weeks of really sunny, hot weather.  Summer has arrived and no doubt by the weekend we’ll be saying “It’s too hot!”

It’s a bit of a change from Monday’s tropical deluge.

Congratulations to Sarh & Lucy who won their Over 55 Pairs last night.  They play at Ashford v Marion B on Friday in the quarter-final.

Also playing on Friday is Kevin L having won his first round of the Middlesex Championships.  I’m not sure how Laurence and Dave P got on as the draw hasn’t been updated on the MCBA website yet.

Good luck to all our girls playing the MIddlesex County Special Match at Fordbridge Park today.

Remember to take plenty of water with you when  you go out today.  It’s a habit worth getting into as well as keeping your face covering handy!

Early Tuesday Post or Posting Early for Tuesday or Early Post for Tuesday

It’s one of those three subjects as it’s Monday evening and not Tuesday morning!

Alas, Jean and her team couldn’t find it at Fordbridge Park this afternoon going down to Liz Dutton’s Four..

I’m not sure if they were lucky or not as, when we arrived at Bishop Duppas, it had just started raining.   By the 5.00 pm start time, it looked like this and then got worse!

We had to paddle in 3-4″ of water to get into the clubhouse for a very welcome cup of tea and piece of cake and to find a new date.  Fortunately, we were given to permission to play up to the next round date so Friday 23rd was selected at Bishop Duppas.

No news from Jacquie or Ann H’s teams yet.

The Ladies’ Triples match v Bishop Duppas on Tuesday has been cancelled.  We could get 2 triples out then a third triple with men, but BD wanted to keep it as ladies only.

Sarah & Lucy take to the green at 6.00 pm – Good luck!

On Thursday, Laurence plays Phil Sutcliffe from Brentham at CP at 6.00 pm in the National Senior Singles – Middlesex Area Semi-final.  Good luck to Laurence too!

Diary w/c 12th July

I don’t believe there’s any football this week.  Shame about the penalties last night.  Had Marcus Rashford scored, I think the other two would have too, but they didn’t and that’s sport for you.  All on the day, the occasion.  Did someone say the World Cup is around the corner?

Well done to Novak Djokovic in winning the Wimbledon Singles for the 6th time.  A fantastic record.  He had to put up a good fight though.  The young Italian Berrettini should have a good career ahead of him.

More importantly than the above,  congratulations to Laurence & Gordon who had a good win v Paul C & Rob R at West Ealing yesterday.  This puts them into the Senior Pairs area semi-final against Steve G & Norman.  Cambridge Park will be represented in the MIddlesex area final .  Hooray.  It’s just a shame it can’t be both pairs. The winners of the area get to represent Middlesex at the National Championships in August.

Monday – Roll ups at 10.00 am and Leagues at 1.45 pm as usual

Monday and the girls are out in force again today this time with the Middlesex Fours, with only one match at home – Jacquie’s four v Dot S from Staines.

Ann H’s girls are away at Ashford, Jean’s fours at Fordbridge Park and Dawn’s at Bishop Duppas – again!!  Good luck to all playing.

Tuesday sees Sarah & Lucy back in action in the Middlesex Over 55 Pairs v Ann Bamber & partner from Bishop Duppas(!) at 6.00 pm whilst the ladies play Bishop Duppas (see what I mean!?!) in a friendly triples match at CP at 2.00 pm.

Wednesday – roll ups at 10.00 am and most of the badged girls are playing in a Middlesex v Middlesex match at Fordbridge Park.  Kent had cancelled the country friendly, so this was a chance to get the county players together with those who should have received their colts and full badges in 2020 had not that season been scuppered.  Audrey will be getting her Colts’ badge and Ange should be getting her full badge.

Thursday – Anything on?  Henley Regatta?

Friday – Morning Roll up and Friday Night Club Night as usual.  In the afternoon Dawn & Paul C are playing Rob H & Anna from Ashford in the area semi-final of the Natiomal Mixed Pairs at West Ealing.

Saturday, we have the R&B League v Mid Surrey at Cambridge Park.

I thought Hampton Court Flower Show was not as exciting as when I’ve been before.  Every business has been affected by the pandemic.  There were only about 12 show gardens and the allotment gardens were, well, interesting.  I think Stella S should apply for next year!  Still it was a different day out and it didn’t rain!.  Mustn’t grumble

Is It Coming Home?

The hype today will definitely be focussed on tonight’s Euros Final rather than the Wimbledon Men’s Final, I’m sure.

Let’s hope the boys win!  Anyone placing bets on the score?

If you didn’t watch yesterday’s Ladies Final, it would be worth watching on catch up.  There were some incredible rallies with both girls covering all parts of the court.  Croatia celebrated the Men’s Pairs Championship.  That was another cracking match.

I hope the Men’s Final isn’t a damp squid after all that!  We have 3 of the four finalists in the Mixed Pairs Final this afternoon too.  A big day for England sport!

A very good win forCambridge Park in the South Middlesex League yesterday.  Well done to Gordon and the team.

On the County front, the girls lost by 3 shots overall which is incredibly disappointing.  Ange, in her first Johns Trophy match was on the top rink with Dawn (Rosedale Park), Wanda (North London) and skip Rose (Rosedale Park).  Well done to them.  Mandy (Ladygate) and Ann H both skipped winning rinks, so well done to them.  None of the losing rinks lost by more than a couple of shots, so it really was a close game.

The Middlesex Middleton Cup team didn’t fare as well, going down by  20 points to Kent.  Well tried lads.

As the Hounslow Cons match has been cancelled, there is nothing officially laid on today, but the weather seems good, so go down and have a roll up!

I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show.

Enjoy your Sunday !

Saturday 10th July – A Big Day for Some

… for anyone getting married, giving birth, going on holiday OR playing in the Johns’ Trophy or Middleton Cup matches v Kent whether it be the first time or not OR the Club’s South Middlesex League match away to Stanwell!

Gordon is match captain for the Club game and has organised the teams with Kevin’s help, so, in no particular order

Tricia, Steve G, Steve P, Stella K, Lucy, Sarah, Dave W, Kevin, Gordon, Ray, Roy and Brian N.  Play starts at 2.30 pm at Stanwell.

For Dave P, it’s the Middleton Cup v Kent.  A 10.00 am start for him right over near Southend.  Hope he had an early night!

For Ann H, Nadine, Jean, Cathy, Ange, Tina and Dawn, we’re heading over to Suttons in Surrey for our match v Kent at 1.30 pm.  Jean and Nadine are on the same rink, Cathy and Tina on another, Ann and Dawn on another and Ange is with the other Dawn from Rosedale Park.  Obviously we all have 2 others on each of our rinks as well!

Good luck to everyone playing.  Remember every single shot counts towards a win. so may your bowls land near the jack and stay there!

For those of you staying indoors, you have the Wimbledon Final for the Ladies to watch.

Thinking of other sports, did anyone see that absolutely brilliant catch by the Indian fielder in the England/India Womens’ match?  It was totally amazing!  I am told they practise doing that.  Hopefully you can view via the link here  Rain stopped play soon after but England had the win when all the scores were worked out.

For those of you expecting to see the South MIddlesex league match v Hounslow Cons on Sunday afternoon, unfortunately someone in their club has tested positive, so the team are not coming over to us after all.  We wish the person well and a speedy recovery.