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Duty and Service

Wow, wasn’t there a lot to take in yesterday and, taking everything into account, the previous 10 days.  The disbelief, the crowds, the flowers, the emotions and The Queue.  There will never be another one like it.

Amid the grandeur, it was good to hear that simple services were going on around the country.  Ray V reported

We went to Richmond Service for The Queen Sunday Evening at St Mary’s Church Twickenham. Sat in the second row behind Munira Wilson MP Sarah Olney MP mayor of Richmond, the leader of Richmond Council and various other VIPs. The service had a similar format to the main one at Westminster Abbey but at least two mentions of corgis and horses.

I think maybe we were all hoping for horses and corgies somewhere as both meant so much to Her Majesty.  It was wonderful to see they had been included not only at small memorial services across the land, but also when she arrived at Windsor. with her favourite pony, Emma, and the corgis Muirk and Sandy.

The removal of the sceptre, the orb and then the crown followed by the laying of the banner by King Charles III and the breaking of the rod by the Lord Chamberlain ended the Elizabethan age and put the final closure and farewell for the general public.  The lone piper. It was a very symbolic and moving, creating more tears.  For the family, I am sure they need the remaining 7 days of mourning so much.  All the mourning since The Queen’s death was announced has been in public with cameras all over the place.  They all did so well, holding it together, just as the Queen would have instructed them.  All credit to Her and them.

20 million of us watched the funeral on television, then there were the 2,000 guests at Westminster Abbey and 800 at Windsor.  Adding the thousands of people lining the streets in London and all the way to Windsor, I wonder if the total was near the 4.1 billion predicted when you take in the rest of the world?  We shall probably never know unless we have to enter details on the next Census.

Today seems like a new start of everything. New day.  New King. New Prime Minister. New Police Commissioner to name but a few. It was different.  Or was it my imagination …..?


‘‘Tis the Time of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

as well as a time for changes!

if you feel you can offer to help the club by taking on any roles, however small, please let us know. Many hands make light work.
Most of us have skills from current or pre-retirement employment that can be put to good use to keep the Club moving forward.
Have a think and a chat  with fellow bowlers.

Lying in State

Picking up every now and again on the clips of HM Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin lying in state and the long long queues makes me well up every time. Goodness knows how King Charles and the other members of the Royal family are really feeling.
What a display of a mark of respect for a remarkable woman by thousands of people of all ages from all over the world it would seem.
I remember standing on the Great West Road when the hearse carrying Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother went past and, if the route permits, will do the same this time. I know even that will make me cry!

Have any of you been up to join the queue to pay your respects? Please let us know about your experience.

Or maybe you met HM the Queen? Again, it would be good to hear from you.

Many Hands Make Light Work!

As mentioned last week, on Sunday 18th September, we are hosting the South Middlesex Competition Finals at the Club. We could do with a few more pairs of hands to welcome the players, serve teas and coffees and prepare the Ploughman’s
Lunches for the competitors.

Norman, Jean, Steve & Tricia are playing in two finals so can’t mastermind kitchen duties at the same time.

We would appreciate your help even if you can offer just a couple of hours so please let Norman or Jane know.

No kitchen experience required, just willing hands!


Flag Details

As expected Cambridge Park hoisted their flag to half mast yesterday morning , thanks to Sarah & Norman.
It is actually a third rather than a half.
This morning the flag was raised to full mast (thanks, Sarah) and will remain so until 13:00 tomorrow, Sunday,  in accordance with government guidelines during an Accession to the Throne.
Tomorrow afternoon, the flag will be returned to half mast for the remainder of the mourning period until after the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. (Funeral is thought to be on Monday 19th September)

God Save the King!


PS  You may need to store this information as it is sure to pop up in a pub quiz in the next few months)


Club AGM

The AGM for Cambridge Park Bowling & Sports Club Ltd including the Indoor and Outdoor Clubs will be held on Thursday 29th September at 2.00 pm at the Club.

We have a brilliant club but it needs your help to spread the tasks that are required to keep it running smoothly, working together to make it a club, not a building with people.  If you think you can offer to do something, however small, then please speak to Ange, Norman, Gordon or Jane.

H M the Queen

What terribly sad news to hear that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has passed away.  What an amazing life she has led.  You cannot fault her commitment to her duty to the country and its people.   We may not have known her personally, but she has always been there.  For many, she has been the ‘constant’ throughout all our lives.  A huge loss.

Our deepest sympathies go out to her family.  May she rest in peace, united with Prince Philip.

More National Finals Results

Today Sandra Williamson-Mills played Annalisa from Lincs in the Ladies SIngles Championship.  Annalisa was hot footing from her Fours win on Tuesday and her experience managed to get the win over Sandra.  Annalisa’s run ended in the last 16.

On another green, the Paddington chaps were playing the Senior Fours.  They got off to a great start, but their opposition shook off the early autumn morning and came back fighting, winning the gtie by 5 shots.

Tomorrow (Thursday), Dave Pitt takes on Adrian Beecroft from Ipswich in the Men’s Championship.  Good luck, Dave.  We’re routing for you!

What I omitted to say that not only are all our bowlers getting texts/WhatsApp/emails from their friends and fellow club members, but the support greenside is second to none!  Brian Hearn, Jacquie Elkin & Dee Hardy have been there for every Middlesex tie and other Middlesex bowlers – men and women – have supported each and every one of us throughout the tournament.  It gives you a real buzz knowing there are people cheering you on when you play good shots and being sympathetic when your bowls don’t do what  you hope they’ll do!

Big thanks to everyone who gives the Middlesex bowlers their support.  It really is greatly appreciated.

This shot was just as the Men’s Two Bowls Singles was starting.  The Middlesex Massive were there in force despite the driving rain!