Good Luck!

Mike & Tina are moving house today.  It’s not raining and it’s not windy which is a plus but it’s not shorts weather either.  We wish them good luck today and hope they’ll be very happy in their new home – still in Middlesex, so great for bowling!

An email from Ann D yesterday confirmed that she and Archie are getting out for a walk every day.  That’s excellent and keep it up!  Ann has picked up her knitting neeedles and is making hats for newborns a friend who is a midwife in Brighton.  Plenty of lockdown babies this year.

Margaret B is knitting too but for November – poppies.  Anyone else picked up the needles again?  I’ve got two lines of a hat done in very chunky wool on very large needles.  OK, so it hasn’t grown in the last 7 years but it might just over the next few weeks …. when the weather has warmed up.

I found some good highlights of the Australian Open yesterday.  Nadal played some amazing shots to secure his victory. The reporter from the stadium said they may be down on spectator numbers but you wouldn’t believe it from the noise.  However this morning we’ve woken to news that 13 outbreaks of the virus in Victoria now means that play will go ahead behind closed doors.  Such a shame for spectators, organisers and players.  If you have Amazon Fire tv (there must be other similar), go to Amazon and scroll down to Apps and find Tennis Channel under Sports Catergory.  Follow the instructions.  You can also listen on BBC Radio 5 Live Extra.

Actually this morning’s news still isn’t great for those working the travel industry.  Thousands of jobs bordering on disappearing.  Did you watch Monica Galetti & Giles Coren’s programme on Amazing Hotels last night?   £2,700 per night but that was 5* and above and  highly sustainable.  The issue with the plastic bottled water being sorted within 6 months of when the programme was made.  I wonder how they are fairing at this time?

I have been listening to Gabby Logan’s Midpoint podcasts.  Although they are aimed at those in the 40s, they are interesting for us past midlife!  John Bishop, Michael Johnson and Andrew Cotter episodes were very good.

The other Gaby (Roslin) also has podcasts and Rob Bryden’s episode is available.  (I originally thought it was the other Gabby who had interviewed him.)  Apparently it’s hilarious – not surprising.  She also chats to Michelle Visage, another very interesting person.    Worth a listen if you’re fed up with your usual programmes.

Good to bump into Ann and Terry M this week after they’d done the Isleworth-Richmond towpath walk, looking very rosy cheeked in the icy wind!  The following day, Steve G was on the other side of the river getting his daily exercise.  Getting out and getting fresh air – all good, as long as you wrap up warm for the next three days.  We’re heading for double figures next week.   Whoopee!


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