National Team Competitions

Well, not such a good day for our teams yesterday in the Denny Cup and Yetton Trophy.  The girls fared a bit better, only losing by 6 shots.  Great result for Tricia, Brenda D, Ann D and skip Joan O’N as they won 29-10 on their rink.  Even more brilliant as two dropped out poorly in the morning so we had to juggle the home teams and Marie C, who had kindly offered to help with the pre-match teas/coffees, suddenly found herself playing.  Marie had signed up ‘if desperate’ on the sheet!

Well done to Kevin who managed to bring David W into his team at 8.20 yesterday morning.  Who’d be captain, eh?

There were three wrong biases, but only one from CP.  No certificates awarded though.  We  must get back into doing that for a bit of fun.

Hopefully, having had a good night’s rest, today’s Top Club team will be eager to get out onto Hounslow’s green and play well this morning.  10.00 am start at Hounslow if any supporters are around.

This afternoon it’s a mixed friendly away at Egham.  Chris and Malcolm Pusey, who recently joined us have come onboard to play in this match.  I’m sure most of you will bump into them in the leagues/roll-ups etc.

If you’re not birthday-ing or bowling, have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Shirley Oakes says:

    Hi Dawn

    It is Tony’s birthday tomorrow but he is ‘birthdaying’ today with family.

    Have a good day and we are delighted you are starting a new job locally.

    Best wishes

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