100 or 101 Days in Lockdown

My boss said yesterday was 100 days in lockdown but the radio said it was today.  If you have a few minutes on your hands, perhaps you could do a quick count up and let me know?!

It’s also 1st July … JULY!  It seems unbelievable we’re half way through the year, yet we haven’t had a year or rather we’ve had a year we wouldn’t have wanted.

What have we learned?

Stockpiling is selfish.  Shopping for your neighbour is selfless.  Cooking for someone else is more fun than cooking for oneself.

Jigsaws are great fun.  Oh, no, not another jigsaw.

De-cluttering is wonderful.  Aargh.  How did I collect so much stuff and where should I store it until the charity shops are open?

My kitchen cupboards are clean, tidy  and sorted.  I cannot find things in my kitchen cupboards now.

My freezer has been defrosted.  My freezer is now inefficient as there’s nothing in it.

My garden has never had such great attention.  There are no weeds in the flower beds.  Just a minute some more have grown overnight *sigh*

My vegetable plot is coming on nicely.  Er, who said they had space in their freezer as I cannot get any more in mine and I cannot bear another bowl of vegetable soup.

I’ve re-decorated my house.  From top to bottom.  I’m now starting again as I don’t like the colours I selected in April.

I have been washing my hands rigorously and regularly in hot soapy water with a good foam and singing happy birthday – it’s a good job we know so many people with birthdays in March, April, May, June and July!

I have been applying sanitising hand gel before I go out and when I come home.  I could commit a crime as I no longer have any visible fingerprints.  Where’s the handcream gone?

I’m good at texting and emailing.  I have learned that WhatsApp mutliple groups can be very irritating.  ping, ping, ping ….

I have been lonely in isolation.  I have been able to pick up a telephone and speak to my family and friends and realise that I need that comfort of hearing another human being’s voice just as much as they need to hear my voice.  We’ve shared stories, moments, memories.

On the other hand, I have enjoyed my own company.

I have learned how to use Facebook/WhatsApp/Zoom/Microsoft Team. Go To.  Sometimes I wish I hadn’t.

I have watched many videos online.  Some of my friends are very funny.  Some are angry.

I’ve sung with a virtual choir.  I’ve sung along to the radio.  I’ve listened to blogs.  I’ve read blogs.  I’ve enjoyed them.  Most of them.  I have an ‘Off’ switch so I have a choice.

I can watch football on the television.  I have an ‘Off’ switch!

I’ve laughed out loud.  I’ve cried alone.

I have sat on my sofa, eaten a lot, imbibed more wine than I thought I would/could and watched television for hours.  I am fat.

I won’t be fat for long.  I can go for a walk, I can now play bowls and I can meet family and friends in the garden, at the bowls club, down by the river, walking around Bushy Park.

We have been lucky.  Many haven’t.  Many families are still in pain and grief as everyone else is happy to be out and about again and trying to get back to some sort of normality.  Count your blessings, spare some positive thoughts and love for those not as fortunate.

Phone a friend today.  It’s still a difficult time for many and some still won’t have ventured outside their front door yet.  After 100 days, it is a frightening proposition and the January/February/March self-confidence is now hiding in a corner or in the cupboard under the stairs.  Offer a virtual arm or shoulder.  You’d be surprised how good a virtual hug feels.

Thank every person who has ‘given’ something.  The neighbours, the friends, the dustmen, the shop workers, the nurses, the doctors, the care workers, the teachers, the cleaners, the road sweepers, the delivery drivers.  People who have had to work and put their lives at risk for many others.  People who have caught the virus, recovered and returned to work for the benefit of others.  There are so many.

Smile – it uses a lot more muscles than frowning – and it makes you feel better.  You’ll also be surprised how many people will now smile back at you and not think you a completely mad!  That would have been different 4, 5, 12, 24 months ago.  They would have walked by on the other side of the road head down.  Now we all walk on the other side of the road, heads up and smiling.  It’s good!

Keep hand washing.  Stay alert.  It makes sense.

Come down to the club.  We’ll be pleased to see you.  Every single one of you matters to us.

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  1. Richard Hermitage says:

    Great stuff.You should mail this to all the members who have not as yet returned to the fold as some do not use this site

  2. Jean says:

    Very good read Dawn as so much has gone on in the last three months !! I haven’t seen my sister since 19th March as she has been isolating and has coped so well and been so positive! Let’s hope the idiots who crowded on the beaches etc don’t spoil it for the sensible ones !

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