A Change is as Good as a Rest

Well, I am being forced into making a change and I desperately do need a rest, not having had a working day off in the last 18 months!

Some of you already know that I am being made redundant from my current job at Sunvil.  The travel industry has been hit extremely hard during the pandemic and, although we do have clients travelling, there are nowhere near as many in previous years, which means the company income has been drastically reduced requiring the workforce also to be dramatically reduced in order for the family business of 51 years to survive.   I am working out my notice period.

I cannot afford not to work but I also like working (you always knew I was a bit weird!) and have done so since I was 19, so I am on the hunt for a new job.  I may not get anything in this area or the hours I’d like so, bearing that in mind, I am stepping down as Cambridge Park Indoor Secretary and Ladies’ Captain to allow me to focus on finding the right employment – one not in the travel industry!  Laurence and I took over the lead Indoors when the previous committee stepped down.  That was about 6 years ago.  The Club is made up of its members coming together and volunteering in various capacities to keep it thriving.  We have a good indoor committee in Peter T, Kevin K, Bob D, David H and Ange.  Ray Verralls has kindly stepped up to be Indoor Fixture Secretary to replace Ray Purdey, who gave us many years of service in that role.

Laurence has also said that he wishes to stand down as Indoor Men’s Captain.

So your Club needs you and you, and you, and you!   Fresh blood!  Get your heads together, stop sitting on your hands and please offer your time and leadership skills.  Catering skills not essential!



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