A Drawing Lesson

My lucky shirt is being consigned to the bottom of the wardrobe!  It had worked awfully well in the previous round so that was disappointing

My opponent from Sutton allowed me 2nd bowl on the first end before drawing line and length in a neat cluster around the jack on subsequent ends and I was 0-14 before getting on the board!

I hit the head when she was holding match and took a 2. Up went another short jack from me but she had found that length as well by then. Doh! I managed to drive and knock shot bowl out instead of the shot and second bowl. Drat!  Her third bowl just beat mine so that was that!  Hey ho.
At one stage I didn’t think I’d get any points at all but clawed my way up to 7 which is better 0.
My opponent said Camberley was just like playing at Croydon. She had a fantastic game. I hope she does well in Nottingham. She will if she plays like that. Well done, Rita Fraser. Go on and win it, girl!

So Gold to Rita, Silver to Marie for her marking (thank you for giving up 4.5 hours of your day) and Dawn became an “also ran”!!

There is always next year.


(Mind you, I woke up this morning after I had been dreaming I was standing at the green edge and couldn’t remember if I needed to put the general anaesthetic on my bowls or whether I needed to spray the green with it. If anyone knows the answer ……)

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