An Apology adn Another Step Forward

Due to a miscommunication between Laurence and myself, the team for Bishop Duppas had been selected on Friday but as I didn’t have the list to hand, I put the sheet up ready for the names to go on but they weren’t added before some people signed up hoping to play.  My fault.

We now have West Ealing on Saturday 18th at 2.00 pm.  This will be FOUR triples, so play will be on the outside rinks and the two middle ones (in old rink set up, rinks 1, 3, 4 & 6)  This still allows plenty of room for those playing on 3 & 4 to change ends on the spare rink i.e. 2 & 5 safely.  Well done to Ange, Jacquie and Ashford who worked this out between them.

I hope to get the sign up sheet up at the club later today.  My printer wasn’t playing ball last night (Grrrr)

So, my apologies again for those disappointed about this Saturday.  Please come down and watch.  The bar will be open and Jane will be happy to serve you.  The Met Office says it will be sunny and warm – 21C!  3.30 pm start.

If anyone can spare half an hour to an hour to put “Cathy’s Cottage” up, please contact Jane.  She will be at the club from 11.30 am today although with rain forecast all day, it wouldn’t be a good time to get the tent up.

Ange has offered to run a Club Pairs Competition on Saturday 15th August, comprising 12 ends per round with a BBQ at lunchtime and semi-finals and finals the following weekend.  More details to follow but mark the date in your diary.

Don’t forget your hand sanitiser.  It’s really important you disinfect your hands before and after playing.  It’s easy to become more complacent as restrictions are relaxed but that is one feature to remain as a top priority



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