Christmas Present Idea Needed? Norman has the answer! (Updated with Models!)

Thinking ahead to our Centenary in 2021, Norman has bought some Centenary polo shirts for casual wear which are smart enough to reveal on Christmas Day when you’ve taken your Christmas Jumper off.  Alternatively, they make a great Christmas present for family members.  They cost £25 each and are really, really good quality with the Club benefiting from a proportion of the sales.


Norman will be at the club on Monday 7th December at midday with the shirts.

If you have already ordered one and can’t be there on Monday, please let Norman know.  Cash or cheques for £25 per shirt made payable to Cambridge Park Bowling & Sports Club Ltd.

Norman is also modelling a white Centenary Fleece.  Ask him for more details as these may need to be ordered in bulk.


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