Club Competition Entry Forms

As promised by Stella Spaulding, Brian Crickmay and Dave Redington (thank you again, all of you), here is the Club Competition entry form in 3 versions!  You can see what it looks like below or click on the download for either the Word or pdf version or Dave is leaving hard copies at the Club if you don’t have a printer.

Entry fees can be paid over the bar and Jane can sign your sheet ‘paid’, then pop it into the red box by the inner door.

If you don’t have a partner, or feel shy about asking anyone, still put your name down for the ‘drawn’ competitions at least or speak to one of the three as there may well be other members looking for a partner for the ‘open’ competitions.

CP Club Comp Entry form 2022 – 23

CP Club Comp Entry form 2022 – 23

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