Club Competitions Reaching Final Stages

Well done to all the competitors. The semi finals have nearly all been completed with some results being – Anthony & Peter in the Men’s Championship, Cathy facing either Sarah or Ange in the Ladies Championship; Steve & Norman through in the Men’s Pairs v Kevin C & Peter(?); Ann & Cathy play Sarah & Lucy in the Ladies Pairs; Gordon & Karen through in the Mixed Pairs to play Dave & Dawn.

Gordon & Jacqui through in the drawn mixed pairs but to play who??

Well that was decided tonight when Lucy & Anthony and Dave & Karen took to the green just after 5 pm and were still playing at 8.15 pm. Think about it. Have you looked outside at 8.15 pm in the last few days? It’s dark!

Lucy & Anthony got off to a 7-0 lead until Dave & Karen settled in. After 16 ends, Dave & Karen were 19-13 up and a neighbour’s cat decided to make friends with Lucy and Karen as they were trying to bowl!
Spurred on by finding themselves “near the kitty” (thanks Mick Delaney for that comment), Lucy & Anthony suddenly found their line and length again and crawled back up to 19-19 after 20 ends.

It was now 8.30 pm. The Bridge Club kindly put their outdoor light on as the battle for that winning shot on the final end took place. Karen put her second bowl next to the jack, Lucy responded with a nearby second. Nothing changed when the boys disappeared into the darkness.
“Have you bowled yet?” “Where is it?” “Oh, there it is. Good bowl” “Hard luck but it’s in a good position.” echoed eerily across the green through the darkness!

Dave put in a second shot and Anthony had the really difficult task of trying to just over draw to split Dave & Karen’s bowls and take the shot. When the only thing you can see is your partner’s white shorts, it was an uphill challenge which, unfortunately he didn’t quite pull off (shot not shorts!)
It was a great match and the quality of bowls, the spirit of the four players and appreciation of each other’s bowls would have made it a worthy final especially with a daylight crowd!
Well done to Dave & Karen for holding their nerve after dropping ends 17, 18, 19 & 20. Not easy!

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